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World Bicycle Relief launches new education program in Colombia

August 4th, 2020 - Colin O'Brien

After 50 years of civil war, Colombia is now building a new future – but significant challenges remain. Years of conflict have displaced children and families from rural areas and increased social and gender inequality. Nearly nine million people in rural Colombia have insufficient infrastructure, underfunded public transportation options, and a lack of resources to purchase individual transportation. That’s why World Bicycle Relief has just launched its flagship education program in the South American country, with the goal of distributing 20,000 bicycles by 2022 to empower students in rural communities, and in doing so, change the future for countless families in the region. 

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A true racer: What made Greg LeMond special

July 20th, 2020 - Guy Andrews

Spending time with America’s greatest bike racer made Guy Andrews long for a time when the pro peloton had a bit more personality.

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Eros Poli: Castelli brings back many happy memories

July 1st, 2020 - Eros Poli

My first World Championships was in Mexico, 1980. It was also my first time with the Italian national team, it was actually the first time I’d even been on a plane. 

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Castelli × inGamba: meet your new favorite kit

June 15th, 2020 - Staff Writer

Castelli can trace its roots back to a tailor’s shop in Milan that was famous for working with Italy’s biggest soccer teams and the dancers at the famous Teatro alla Scala. That was in the 1870s, before bike racing was even a thing. 

The first rider they worked with was Alfredo Binda, the dominant power of 1920s and ‘30s Italian cycling and such a peerless talent that he was sometimes paid by race organisers to not attend their events. They have been dressing the best athletes in the world ever since, and over the decades their list of clientele reads like a who’s who of cycling royalty. 

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Recipe: Matthew Accarrino’s Baked Anchovies

June 5th, 2020 - Colin O'Brien

We’re back with another recipe from Michelin-starred chef Matthew Accarrino’s great book, SPQR: Modern Italian Food and Wine. This one is great to share as a starter or with drinks when you’re entertaining. It packs plenty of flavor, and the combination of those salty anchovies, fresh lemon and crunchy breadcrumbs is classically Sicilian, making it perfect for anyone looking for a genuine taste of southern Italy that doesn’t involve pasta.

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Guest blog: These are a few of my favorite things

May 13th, 2020 - Joe Staples

Joe Staples is Executive Creative Director at Mother, one of the world’s most respected independent creative companies. He was also the original creative force behind the inGamba brand

It’s a weird time. I’m either bummed that the world is falling apart of incredibly happy because I’m finding time early in the morning to ride my bike, and then feeling guilty for feeling so good. I’m missing my friends. Just the silly moments between things. I miss chatting shoulder to shoulder with someone as we climb. I love those chats because they are never about work and they are usually on a subject that I know nothing about. I’ve learnt about the history of Fire Fighting, about the body language differences between dogs and cats, I’ve talked about theories of breastfeeding and 1000 other things. 

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Perfect riding partners

May 5th, 2020 - Jim Merithew

Like a marriage or a business partnership, finding like-minded cyclists is key to a happy riding relationship

Picking a bike is easy. You’ve got a budget and a rough idea of what you want to do with it, and these days, it’s almost impossible to find a really bad one. Same goes for clothing. Spend as much as you can afford, choose a color that suits, and you’ll be happy. Even selecting a route is easy, what with Strava and the plethora of websites dedicated to cataloging and chronicling the choicest roads in every part of the world. You could drop into somewhere completely new, with no one to guide you, and after 20 minutes of Googling you’d be an expert on the local terrain. Sure, some bikes and bibs and roads are better than others, but it’s really easy to settle on a perfectly enjoyable combination of the three in no time. No, there’s only one really tough choice facing modern cyclists, and it is one that has vexed since people started turning pedals for fun back in the 19th century: Who do you want to ride with?

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