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Our updated policies for Coronavirus (Covid-19)

March 15th, 2020 - João Correia, inGamba founder

As we all continue to face a period of unique and unprecedented uncertainty due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), I wanted to reach out to the inGamba community in a spirit of friendship and give you an update on how we are adjusting our calendar so as to give our guests as many options as possible over the next few weeks and for the duration of the 2020 season.

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Gambrinus – The Lisbon eatery that gets better with age

March 9th, 2020 - Colin O'Brien

Whenever I’m in Lisbon, Gambrinus is the first place I go. I was first introduced to it by inGamba’s founder, João Correia, who has been a patron since he was in short pants, when his grandfather was a regular. João’s a good man to have around when it’s time for dinner, and though we’ve eaten together in plenty of memorable places around the world, few have made the same impression.

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Happy international women’s day from inGamba!

March 3rd, 2020 - Katie Bolling

Perhaps it’s the final stretch of winter but over the past couple weeks I’ve been reminiscing a lot about long summer rides, and that took me back to my Ironman days. In 2006 I did the Wisconsin Ironman and had an experience there that really left an impression. It was the day before the race and I was having lunch with a small group of friends and family. Before we left the restaurant, I was picking up around my son’s highchair (lots of crumbs at nine months old!) and, as I was doing some final tidying, a woman came over and asked me if that was my baby and if I was doing the race. I could feel my face turn flush with anxiety and I said “Yes and yes”. She then said something I will never forget: “I think you’re amazing.”

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A message about coronavirus (Covid-19) from our CEO

February 28th, 2020 - Jon Biele

To our inGamba family:

We know that coronavirus (Covid-19) has become a global concern. We, like you, have been watching closely to determine what the impact of this new sickness means for our families, friends, and businesses. 

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Making the cut

February 22nd, 2020 - Colin O'Brien

Gary Halvorson is a Juilliard-trained musician with a list of directorial credits as long as your arm. His incredible career has taken him from the rarefied atmosphere of opera and the symphony to sitcoms and back again, and as you’d expect, he knows how to tell a good story.

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Making history on Mont Ventoux – Eros Poli’s sports director remembers their greatest triumph together

February 11th, 2020 - Staff Writer

I can’t believe it’s been 25 years! It still feels like yesterday. I’m very happy to remember this day because it’s one of the most beautiful memories I have of all my years in cycling. That stage wasn’t the best for our riders. In ’94, the team was built for sprinters, because we had Mario Cipollini and Adriano Baffi and no great climbers for the mountains. So with Ventoux, the stage to Carpentras looked impossible for us.

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The Dawn Patrol: How riding early can change your life

January 16th, 2020 - Heidi Swift

I started waking up before dawn when I was 17 years old. That summer, I worked on the docks down in Seattle alongside my father, who was the line manager. We processed fish in a cavernous, refrigerated space roughly the size of what I imagined a rich person’s “great room” would be. The work, unfortunately, wasn’t great. On our feet for as long as 14 hours, we started at six in the morning, which meant we caught the 4:45am bus from our house in the suburbs in order to arrive in time to don hairnets and arm gaiters before sliding into our respective spots on the processing line. 

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