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It began as a pro rider’s dream…


The starting point was a simple question.

What would a cyclist’s perfect week look like?

Away from strict diets and schedules and training programs. Just the bike, a beautiful location and a bounty of the best local food and wine. That fantasy is now a reality. InGamba offers the equipment and support usually reserved for the sport’s elite athletes with the comfort and service of a luxury getaway. Then it takes that unique combination to some of the world’s most incredible locations before adding the most important ingredient of all: Fun.

An inGamba trip isn’t something you can recreate from a guidebook. We’ve lived our locations and worked with Grand Tour winners – and now we’re using that knowledge to create your dream vacation. This is cycling, but not as you know it. Get ready for an adventure. Download the 2024 trip guide here now.



When we’re riding, only the best is good enough. So we’ve applied that philosophy to everything that we do at inGamba. Our mechanics and soigneurs have Pro Tour experience and our clothing and equipment are the best that money can buy.

Nothing we do or use is left to chance and we’ve left no stone unturned in our quest to create the most incredible experience possible. Because we know that even the smallest detail can make a big difference.

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This is a group of people who truly care about the world around them. That blew me away and I've been back every year since it started.”

Gary SmithinGamba's First Guest


Pinarello are unrivaled when it comes to both pedigree and performance. Their latest super-bike, the Dogma F, is the combination of over 60 years experience with cutting edge tech. It’s also absolutely gorgeous. And, while you’re with us, it’s yours to enjoy.


No one knows these roads better. We’ve trained on them, raced on them, lived on them. So whether it’s one of Europe’s great climbs or a hidden gem that only a lucky few know, we promise you’ll be in good hands.


Food is at the heart of everything we do. Hungry riders are unhappy riders, so we indulge in the best that Europe has to offer, fuelling rides with delicious local cuisine and ending epic days with some fine wine and a toast to future adventures.


Castelli’s story began in the 1870s, in a tailor’s shop in Milan. They have been dressing the best cyclists in the world since the sport’s inception, and have an unrivaled reputation for innovation and quality. Their commitment to excellence continues to this day.


We pride ourselves on having a deep local knowledge and a passion for culture and cuisine, mixed with an innate understanding of a cyclist’s needs. When you travel with us, we’ll do all we can to show you how the natives really live.


Our guides will stop at nothing to make your vacation an unforgettable adventure. So whether it’s help with the local language or a friendly push on the final climb of a big day – we have you covered.


inGamba was born in the professional peloton. We have experience at the highest level and the expertise needed to give you a taste of that special world. We also still have a lot of friends racing today – so keep an eye out on our trips, because there are often some very special guests.


A good soigneur is the difference between crippling fatigue and race-winning condition, and our team is the best around. With years of experience in the professional peloton, they’ll transform tired muscles and leave you primed to face the next challenge.


The best rider in the world is nothing without a good mechanic and even the most expensive bike is worthless unless cared for properly. Our team have all worked for professional teams – and now they dedicated to giving you the same care and attention.