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Vittoria believes that every cyclist deserves exceptional performance, reliability, and confidence on the road. For decades, they’ve been one of the leading tire manufacturers in the industry, synonymous innovation and high-performance. Trusted by professionals and amateurs alike, Vittoria are a vital partner to some of the world’s best professional racing teams and inGamba is proud to tun their tires on all of our bikes.
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Any type of cyclist, whether they're a sprinter, climber or a TT specialist, needs to rely on a fast and safe tire. And at inGamba, we want our guests to be in total control while they're riding. There's no other tire that I'd prefer to fit on our fleet of bikes – Vittoria is the pro choice.


Vittoria make the fastest tires and guarantee unreal cornering stability. Tires are such a vital piece of cycling equipment, I wouldn't want to be riding on anything but the best. You need confidence in your gear when you're sprinting to the finish or conquering a mountain, and Vittoria provides that in spades.



At their core, Vittoria have an unwavering passion for performance. Vittoria engineers meticulously design and develop their tires to deliver the perfect balance of speed, grip, durability, and comfort. Their tire range encompasses various disciplines, including road, gravel, and MTB. From the smoothest asphalt to challenging off-road terrains, their tires excel in providing the best performance for every rider, in any condition.


They’ve earned the trust of numerous cycling champions, who rely on their tires to deliver podium-worthy performances. Whether it’s winning grand tours, dominating classic races, conquering challenging trails, or setting new world records, Vittoria tires provide the confidence and performance that champions demand. 


As stewards of the environment, Vittoria sets sustainability as a key driver of their business development. They strive to minimize their ecological footprint by incorporating environmentally friendly materials, optimizing production processes, and investing in renewable energy sources. With their sustainable approach, they aim to preserve the beauty of our planet for future generations of cyclists to enjoy.


Vittoria manufacture and commercialize tires, tubulars, and inner tubes for bicycles. With an annual production of over 7 million tires, they are among the largest players in the sector. Their purpose is to bring new experiences to riders. Their mission is to make the most advanced bicycle tires in the world. To do that, they focus on Innovation, Sustainability, and Distinctiveness.

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