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Lavished in Lavender

The Provence region of France has won our hearts, all the way from the the Italian Border in the east to the Rhône River and south to the Mediterranean Sea. The variety of terrain will surprise even the most traveled of riders, and with its abundance of once-in-a-lifetime bicycling routes, to its exquisite regional cuisine and sublime wines, this destination has become a firm favorite in the inGamba portfolio.

"When the Good Lord begins to doubt the world,
he remembers that he created Provence."

Fredric Mistral


Provence is integral to the Tour de France and as such is one of the world's great cycling destinations. It's popular with all kinds of riders, from those who just want to take in the views and stop to smell the roses – or rather, the lavender – to the roadies who come as pilgrimage to Mont Ventoux, one of the sport's most venerated climbs.


  • 2,500 hours of sun per year

  • Caesar christened it "La Provincia" as Rome’s first province beyond The Alps

  • The region inspired Van Gogh, Petrarch, Picasso, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Renoir, Matisse, and Cocteau

  • Some of the traditional regional dishes include ratatouille, anchoïde, soupe au pistou, beignets de fleurs de courge, omelette de poutine, aïoli daube à la nicoise, barba-juan, "brissaudo", and bouillabaisse


  • It's amazing climate, medieval hilltop villages, delicious baked goods and rich history

  • Giant fields of lavender, cobbled streets and hot, buttery fresh croissants


  • Hot, dry summers

  • Abundant sunshine

  • 59 days of rain a year


  • This region is famous for Mont Ventoux, but there are plenty of other challenging climbs, as well as kilometers after kilometer of enjoyable, winding, scenic roadways

  • There is something for everyone in the Provence region

"The charm and beauty of Provence is best appreciated from the saddle of a high performance Italian racing machine. The food, wine, accommodations and support provided by the inGamba team only augmented it.
Quite possibly the best week on a bike."

Paul Goobie, inGamba guest

The Provence region is renowned for their Rosé wines, but we are also fans of their big spicy reds. From the crepes at breakfast to the crusty, yet chewy baguette at lunch and the regional delicacy, Ratatouille, at dinner, the daily culinary road is second only to the amazing rides of the region.

Your fantasy, our goal

Ever wondered what your perfect day on the bike would look like? We did too. InGamba was born from a desire to combine the world's best cycling with the most delicious local food and wine. We've made that dream a reality – and now we want to share it with you.