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A cyclist's paradise

Experience a feast of incredible landscapes, unforgettable food, captivating vineyards, enchanting towns and mile after mile of thrilling, rolling roads. Surround yourself with Italy's history and its rich cycling culture. Discover all that Tuscany has to offer, with the people who know it best.

Riding in Tuscany blends quiet roads with panoramic views of undulating countryside draped in swathes of sunshine. It's the perfect playground for cyclists looking to discover their limits and then push them further. You'll wind through olive groves, linger over coffee stops, descend into vineyards and cycle your way to a hearty appetite.


The home of Leonardo da Vinci, Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo and Niccolò Machiavelli, Tuscany is world famous for its incredible artistic and cultural heritage. It also has a rich cycling tradition, giving us legends such as Gino Bartali, Paolo Bettini and Mario Cipollini to name but a few.


  • As the heart and soul of the Renaissance, Tuscany is the birthplace of the modern Italian language

  • In 1339, Florence became the first European city to pave its streets

  • Italy is the world’s biggest wine producer, and Tuscany makes more than any other region in the Bel Paese

  • Viticulture has been a part of life here since the 5th century BC


  • Gino Bartali, the two-time Tour de France winner and three-time Giro d’Italia champion who was also a WWII hero

  • Strade Bianche, the iconic professional race that tackles the region’s famous gravel roads before finishing in Siena’s stunning Piazza del Campo

  • L’Eroica, the world-renowned amateur event that allows cyclists from around the world to experience the beauty and history of the region while riding classic bikes


  • 15-27c average temperature

  • Minimal wind

  • 21 days of sun a month


  • Rolling countryside, vineyards and olive groves, small medieval towns and enchanting renaissance cities

  • Quiet, winding roads

  • Low to medium altitude, but full of challenging climbs that are often short and steep

“Once the ride is over, the real adventure begins… A meal with inGamba dives straight into the heart of local cuisine.”

Neal Rogers, Velonews

“More striking than the sprawling estate, ancient buildings or intimate collaborations with artists, is the woman at the head of it all: Lorenza Sebasti. Refined, articulate, gracious, elegant, warm and passionate, she embodies everything I’ve fallen in love with in this part of Italy.”

Heidi Swift, Peloton, on Castello Di Ama

Your fantasy, our goal

Ever wondered what your perfect day on the bike would look like? We did too. InGamba was born from a desire to combine the world's best cycling with the most delicious local food and wine. We've made that dream a reality – and now we want to share it with you.