New year, new you, new FTP

January 1st, 2019 - Jim Merithew

It seems simple enough, I just want to go faster and further with less effort. I want to climb like Pantani, descend like Nibali and hammer the flats like Poli. I also want chat with my riding partners, while climbing 14 percent grades, about the weather or the foliage or the price of organic coffee beans.

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Ted King as poet, who would have known it

December 20th, 2018 - Ted King

T’was my first season in Europe, having signed with Cervelo TestTeam,
I’d made the next step in my career, this was living the dream!
With victories already dancing in my head, it all quickly hit a wall,
On Tour of California’s stage three, where my arm broke my fall.

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Going from f***ed to fit

December 18th, 2018 - Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. The time when we look back, look forward … and look down, at that ever growing belly bulge.

“The end of the season is a mental test as much as anything,” says Ted King, former pro rider turned coach and unofficial King of Gravel. “You’re either operating somewhere on the spectrum of peak fitness after a year of diligent hard work, or are frustrated with how the previous nine months went and want nothing more than to double down going into the next year.”

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Guest opinion: “I never felt such personal growth and accomplishment on a vacation”

December 13th, 2018

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on my inGamba cycling vacation. I had never ridden my bike more than three days in a row. And I had never climbed more than 2500 feet in one ride. But this trip was a celebration of my 15-year wedding anniversary – a relationship kicked off with a first date of shopping for a mountain bike and then going on a (first for me) mountain bike ride. Through the years my riding became less frequent, but I still kept the fire for what I’ve always seen as an opportunity to connect with nature, push myself and bond with friends. Read More

Why I Love Lecchi

December 10th, 2018 - Jim Merithew

What makes a place magic? It’s a question I often ponder while laying in my bed at Borgolecchi, staring out at the Tuscan vineyards, as the sun slowly rises to light the day, in a way that never seems to be the same two mornings in a row.

Like everything here, those sunrises are dichotomic, both constant and ever-changing, and it’s with great wonder I ponder how Tuscany can be so varied, while life there never seems to change.

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End of the Season Spectacular

November 9th, 2018 - Jim Merithew

How should a bike travel company throw a spectacular end-of-the-season celebration? Well, it has to start with the perfect location. And for us, that is Healdsburg, a little hamlet in the heart of Sonoma’s wine country. Healdsburg has good soul, as well as good shopping. It has great food, too, and the weather is amazing, even by California standards. Then you add the perfect boutique hotel – the H2Hotel – where the service is impeccable, the rooms divine and the location spot-on. And to top it off, get a clubhouse provided by the Mill District and staffed by their amazing folks where there is not only room for bike washes and showers and lunches and relaxation, but also a very noticeable vacation-esque vibe.

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A postcard from Puglia

October 18th, 2018 - Katie Bolling

As we crested another climb, only to find another stunning view of the crystal blue Adriatic Sea, it was funny to think that this adventure in southern Italy had begun back in Mill Valley, California, four years ago. It was João’s annual ride for World Bicycle Relief, and SRAM’s co-founder Stan Day suggested an inGamba trip to raise money for WBR. The idea stuck and since then we’ve hosted trips in Tuscany, northern Portugal, Alentejo and Puglia. The trips have raised nearly $500,000 for the work of WBR, which I think is a testimony to the generosity of the people who make up the groups on the trips as well as the greater InGamba community who have supported them from afar.

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