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One moment sums up the two weeks I spent guiding and shooting for InGamba in the Gstaad region.

We were coming down from the Col des Mosses on a small farm road. Suddenly, behind me, I heard a “wow.” Then another one. And another one. The group stopped to take in the view featured in the image above. They were right: this was a spectacular spot that I was keen to show them.

I must confess: this “wow” moment put a lump in my throat. In a second, I validated my dream: with the support of inGamba, I was sharing an experience that could inspire cyclists from all over the world in my home region.


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We rode quiet roads for a week, saw breathtaking views, and climbed challenging passes: Pillon, Mosses, Mittelberg, Jaun, Croix, and a few secret ones away from the crowds. Gstaad and the Alpes Vaudoises are indeed a hidden gem.

But we also discovered a few things off the bike: a visit to Alexis and Thérèse, producers of the local L’Etivaz cheese, immersed us in an authentic, timeless lifestyle, far removed from the frantic hustle and bustle of our daily routine. (Taking a bunch of cyclists in lycra and cleats to a tiny farm deep in the mountains to discover ancestral know-how will remain my highlight.)

cheese board

We experienced all this with the unrivaled support of the inGamba team. Thank you, Sancho, Sergio, Zé, Joao, Sampaio, and Nelson: you are the best guides, mechanics, and soigneurs in the business. Sergio is even an Olympic medallist but is too modest to boast. You can only tell he used to have a glorious pro career if you know his lightning-fast sprints to check traffic at intersections ahead of the group.

Thanks also to the Gstaad Palace, which hosted us during our stay. It’s not just the property’s architecture that made us think we lived in a fairytale.

ingamba van

I was also very proud to welcome our guests at Chalet RoyalP in Villars, just down the road from my home. It was an opportunity to climb the Col de la Croix and share a final dinner at the Refuge de Solalex. On the menu: cheese, of course, with a recipe that won them second place in the official World Fondue Championship!

Last but not least, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our guests. Whatever our background, age, or level, we’re all equal when sweating on our bikes. I’ve made new friends, and I’m infinitely grateful.

To all: I hope you enjoyed this enchanted interlude as much as I did and that you return home with unforgettable memories. See you on the road!

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Alain Rumpf

Alain lives in the heart of cycling heaven – the Swiss Alps. He’s been on his bike since he was a teenager, and he loves nothing more than discovering great roads and seeing beautiful places.