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Have you ever wondered how the pros fuel for a time trial? Is it the same as a road ride, or a triathlon? Maybe you’re looking to improve your own training with some TT efforts, or perhaps you’re building up to a triathlon. In the past we’ve covered efficient fueling for cycling, but we wanted to do a bit of a deep dive into a slightly different style of competition, and so we reached out to the scientists at Equipe Enervit for some advice.

If you’re just getting into triathlon or time trials, nutrition might not be the most obvious thing to work on. There’s so much to consider in terms of equipment and body position but changing your food and hydration plan might not seem like a priority.

Thanks to decades of experience, the Enervit team has developed a dedicated nutrition system, which breaks down the “before, during and after” of a typical TT distance of 40km. So how do you fuel for success in a solo race against the clock?

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Manage energy resources and hydration before the race

It’s worth mention that performance is not just influenced by nutritional strategy on the day. It’s the culmination of eating habits adopted months beforehand. But assuming you’ve got that part dialed, you can maximize your effort by properly managing energy resources and hydration in the immediate build-up to the race.

The Enervit Nutrition System

Scientific studies suggest that a typical amateur athlete needs 30g of carbohydrates per hour when doing a big effort like a 40km TT, but it’s vital to load in the build-up, too.

The Enervit Nutrition System begins at breakfast on the morning of the race. The initial goal is to maintain good hydration, so it’s a good idea to consume an isotonic drink with carbohydrates, mineral salts, and vitamins, such as Enervit Isotonic Drink.

Fifteen minutes from the start, however, the advice is to take slow-release carbohydrates such as a Pre Sport jelly, which contains isomaltulose, increasing the availability of energy and getting you off on the right foot.

Before setting off, make sure you’ve got the new Enervit Isocarb 2:1 in your bottle. One scoop is equal to 30g of carbs, so sipping it at regular intervals throughout the effort will keep your energy topped up.

Around the midway point, Equipe Enervit recommends a gel with an isotonic formulation, already diluted with water in a second bottle, based on maltodextrin. This will provide the boost you need to crush the closing kilometers.

And when you’ve crossed the line and hopefully left every watt you had out on the road? It’s time to think about recovery. Time trials and triathlons are high intensity events and it’s important to consume a recover drink within 30 minutes of finishing your effort if you want to restore energy and hydration levels and minimize muscle stress.

Enervit’s R2 Recovery Drink contains carbohydrates and BCAA amino acids that replenish the glycogen stores and support muscle recovery, and mixed with water in a bidon, it’s a refreshing and easy way to take care of your body – and to start laying the foundations of your next great ride.


Enervit’s great range of hydration and nutrition products are now available in the US!

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