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Journal > Portugal: the hidden gem of European cycling

Portugal: the hidden gem of European cycling

June 24th, 2016


InGamba came to life in the verdant Tuscan countryside, but the story really began decades beforehand in Portugal, where our founder João Correia was born and where he first fell in love with cycling. We also count a number of Portuguese mechanics, soigneurs and guides among our staff – two of whom were National Champions – so a trip to Europe’s most western shores always feels like a homecoming.

portugal_20160615_0003Our Portugal trips have their own character and offer a completely different kind of experience to our Italian exploits, so we like to do things a little differently. Unlike Chianti and the Dolomites where we have a base, these weeks are point-to-point explorations of the country, grand adventures through some of the most underrated cycling terrain in the world. The roads might not be as famous as those in Italy or France, but trust us: they can be just as challenging and are equally beautiful.


At the end of August we’ll ride from Lisbon to Porto, a week-long epic that takes in two of Europe’s most charming and historic cities as well as some of the most stunning topography in the world. The vineyards of the Douro valley, their immaculate rows packed tightly onto the steep slopes, have to be seen to be believed and our selection of boutique hotels will leave an impression long after we’ve ridden off over the horizon to our next port of call.


Just because we’re never in the same place long doesn’t mean we’ll be cutting corners on comfort though. That’s not the inGamba way. Our rolling roadshow will be complete with full mechanical support – we have a tricked-out truck just like the World Tour pro teams just for this purpose – and we’ll also borrow a team bus from some friends in the area, so we’ll be travelling in style.

But don’t take our word for it – check out some of these awesome images from last summer’s Portuguese extravaganza!












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