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Surrounded by beautiful desert plants and a welcoming field of Saguaro cactus, Canyon Ranch is the kind of place that immediately sets you at ease. As soon as I arrived, I sensed my pulse relaxing to a slower pace, more in tune with my surroundings. I was greeted at the door by a staff member who welcomed me like an old friend and I knew right away that Canyon Ranch would make for a wonderful addition to our calendar, offering a close-to-home oasis for the inGamba family.

That next three days would confirm that first impression. My stay in Tucson was full of all the things I love about inGamba: Delectable cuisine, friendly company, gorgeous cycling routes, staff that felt like family. Everything at Canyon Ranch is designed with relaxation in mind, and even though I wasn’t far from home in the grand scheme of things, I really felt like I’d gotten away from it all. And there’s a huge bonus to staying at Canyon Ranch, too, because I had access to their incredible team of experts who were there to help me learn about – and experience first-hand – a higher degree of total wellness in all aspects of life.

Each morning started with a hearty breakfast of farm-fresh eggs and plenty of home-baked goods (pro tip: the blueberry bars are incredible). And for those of you who love the early morning pampering from Inga at Borgolecchi, you’ll find a similarly warm greeting each morning in Tucson, as Canyon Ranch’s early-bird concierge extraordinaire Christopher welcomes you to breakfast with your coffee (just as you like it) and a friendly smile that makes you feel right at home.

A bike ride naturally followed, and each day we were treated to spectacular views of fields of saguaro cactus, the iconic Mount Lemmon, the picturesque Gates Pass and, my personal favorite, a stop at a local bakery, La Estrella, that is famous for its Mexican pastries. But, I would have to say that the rides were nearly a bonus activity due to the depth of the experience each day at Canyon Ranch.

After each ride, the day unfolded in different ways for each of us, and as a small group, we looked forward to recounting what we’d done that evening at dinner. Canyon Ranch’s wellness programs go far beyond the usual spa services such as massages, body scrubs and facials (though they are also excellent at these, obviously!). There’s a unique range of activities to make your stay extra-special, from Bod Pod scans to hands-on cooking demonstrations.

There are also spiritual wellness offerings, creative energy activities, life planning coaches and general fitness activities such as pilates and yoga. And, beyond all of these services is the property itself, with its three pools and extensive open areas for walking and relaxation.

From the Bod Pod screening, which included a personal review of the results with one of their staff physio experts, to my time at the spa to enjoying a quiet hike along their two mile trail, each part of my day offered an opportunity for rejuvenation, growth and reflection.

As I look back on my four day experience at Canyon Ranch, I’m as much grateful for the opportunity to explore some of Tucson’s great cycling as I am for the chance to find a deeper understanding of what wellness means. There was so much to explore at Canyon Ranch – both on the outside and within – that it’s an ideal retreat for anyone in search of a break from the wider world for a few days.


Katie Bolling

Katie loves all aspects of the Mangia, Bici, Beve life, and the likeliest place you'll catch her is somewhere in the sun with a beer in hand following a bike ride. Having been part of the inGamba team for six years, she has been to nearly all destinations and trips that inGamba offers. Katie finds a lot of joy in bringing our community together and helping to create lifelong bonds. While on trips, you can frequently see her stopping to take photos of the group or bringing beers to her fellow travelers after a ride. But she also knows how to climb. If you don't believe us, ask the boss.