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Elite, a company run by passionate cycling enthusiasts, has been providing innovative and unparalleled products to the cycling community for over four decades. They supply our team with an exemplary training ecosystem, bidons and cages, as well as workstands. They also provide items such as shower gel, chamois cream, and the oil used by our soigneurs.
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We have been partners with InGamba for a long time. What InGamba does is magical, giving cyclists the chance to ride in our beloved country by tackling the most iconic routes that Italy (and beyond) can boast.
We believe in this partnership because, like us, InGamba offers its customers the best possible cycling experience.


Elite water bottles are inGamba's go-to when our guests are out on a ride due to their lightweight ergonomic design, which allows for easy squeezing and maximum liquid flow.

Bruno Pinto

Elite is not only a supplier and sponsor of pro teams, the company also operates like one.



The 15-member research department at the company headquarters, which is situated in a historic brickyard in Fontaniva (Veneto), is dedicatedly working towards the advancement of the Elite smart trainers, bottle cages, and body care products. These products include bidons, cages, workstands, shower gel, chamois cream, and the oil used by soigneurs.


We’re not French, but we believe this classic water bottle is made more sexy by calling it a bidon. The Elite FLY range is a famous line of water bottles known for being the lightest in the market. These bottles are 30% lighter than traditional ones, thanks to their variable thickness squeezing structure. The middle part of the bottle is thin, while the bottom is thick.

Our soigneurs' selection

Elite is a renowned brand known for its top-quality oils and creams. One of its products, the Protect Cream Chamois, is a skin-protective cream with soothing, sanitizing, and re-balancing effects. This cream is easy to apply and is particularly useful for cycling, but it can be used for any sport. It is an ideal choice for both male and female athletes.

the best indoor trainers

Elite offers a selection of interactive trainers that are direct-drive, providing an authentic “road feel” for a realistic training experience. These trainers are capable of recording highly precise power data and can simulate steep gradients with great accuracy. The resistance change is quick and lifelike, whether you’re training using a GPS file from a favorite route, or on one of Zwift’s courses.


Elite, founded in 1979, specializes in producing quality cycling products including bottle cages, bidons, and home trainer equipment for all levels of cyclists.

It’s a commitment that continues to this day, and it’s one of the reasons that inGamba is so proud to partner with them. Our Pinarello bikes are equipped with Elite bottle cages, and we use Elite fly, which is the lightest bike bottle in the world. Additionally, our soigneurs use Elite’s shower gel, chamois cream, and oil for our guests’ daily massages.

Discover Elite's Story

We had a recent conversation with Peter Lago and Marco Cavallin from Elite, during which we discussed various topics such as Elite’s history and pedigree, the experience of working with the Pro Tour, the training ecosystem, the significance of a bidon, sustainability, and winter training with InGamba and Elite.

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