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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, or at least somewhere where there’s year-round riding weather, you will have definitely heard people talking about Zwift. It’s the best way to get your cycling fix when you can’t go outside. 

Zwift is a smart trainer game that has taken the cycling world by storm over the last few seasons by doing the previously unthinkable: Making indoor training workouts fun. It’s allowed cyclists across the world to connect and ride together during the winter months or when their schedules were tight – and right now it’s helping to keep us all sane during these crazy times of social distancing and self-isolation. 

So what do you need for a Zwift setup? Your bike and a smart trainer to start – our friends over at Elite have an extensive range – and then your computer, ipad, phone, or Apple TV, with the Zwift companion app installed. Then you simply start the $14.99 a month subscription and get moving. It connects to social media too, so there’s no problem sharing your workouts on Strava. 



We know a few people who’ve been slow to adopt it purely because it looks complicated to set up, but the truth is that it’s a piece of cake. And to make it even easier, Zwift has a great page full of handy videos that will answer every possible question you could have and get you training in no time. 

Once you’re set up, you can meet friends online for a spin, or work on a series of specific training plans designed by professional coaches. There’s plenty of data if you normally enjoy riding with a power meter and targeting specific workouts, but you can also just go on there and do your own thing. Whatever way you choose to Zwift, just make sure to use the code ‘ goingamba ‘ so that you can rock our very own custom kit! And be sure to keep an eye on our social channels for one of our group rides.

You can download the Zwift app here, and find out when you can join the next inGamba ride here!

Zwift co-founder Eric Min (pictured right) gives some inGamba guests a full tour.
Colin O'Brien

Colin is an author and journalist from Ireland. He first met inGamba's founder João Correia back in 2013. João handed him a bidon full of Chianti Classico and took him to a three-course lunch. They've been friends ever since.