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I own a travel company, so it won’t surprise you to learn than I spend a lot of time away from home. Packing efficiently is key if you travel a lot, and I stick to a few of my favorite items whenever I’m on the road. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, once you prioritize quality and versatility.

Palácio Belmonte

The Belmonte is much more than just a great hotel. I’ve actually been going there since before it even opened to the public, and I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else in Lisbon. It’s a place where you feel the history in the walls, but like many things that are special, it’s the people you meet there who make it so unique.

French Collar Shirt // Brunello Cucinelli

I first met Brunello Cucinelli when I was working for Esquire Magazine just after the millennium. Back then, he was a small Italian designer with a passion for how a man should dress. I fell in love after hearing him speak about fabrics.

Stan Smith // Adidas

As much as I like leather boots, my day to day shoes are Adidas trainers. I’ve been on a kick lately with the Stan Smiths both in black and white and there’s a reason they call it a classic.

Duffel Bag // Brooks Brothers Duffel Bag

Before my freshman college roommate brought me to Brooks Brothers, I’d always thought like an athlete – function mattered more than fashion. That shopping trip introduced me to a whole new world of style, and I’ve been careful about how I dress ever since. I bought this bag somewhere in the mid to late 90s and it’s still going strong.

Stationary // Smythson

Everybody should have their own stationary. Even if we are more used to e-mail and texts these days, it’s still nice to write things out by hand every once in a while and send people notes. I travel around with not only letterhead, but with stamps too.

Leather Boots // Alessandro Stella

I first walked into Alessandro’s bespoke shoe shop in Siena when I was in college, traveling around Europe on an eating tour with my roommates during Spring Break. I’ve been going back since then and dozens of pairs later, it’s still a special thing to put on his shoes in the morning.

Sweater // Brooks Brothers

When the storied American brand was bought out by the Italian Caudio del Vecchio, one of the smartest things they did was create a younger hipper version of the classics. Collaborations with designers like Tom Brown and the creation of the Black Fleece line breathed new life into an American institution.

Trousers // Rag & Bone

A friend from LA introduced me to Rag & Bone only a few months ago and I fell in love with their pants. Between these in green and a pair of blue jeans, that is pretty much 90% of what I wear every day.

Champion T-shirt // Todd Snyder

Since I travel so much and like to pack light, my go-to items are usually simple and versatile. These t-shirts were a collaboration between Todd Snyder and Champion. I have them in multiple colors and they go with everything.

The Portugieser // IWC Schaffhausen

I love my watch. It’s the only possession I own that I actually worry about losing. I bought it when my son Liam was born in 2005 and still remember teaching him how to wind it and telling him that when he gets married the watch is going to be passed on to him.

This story is taken directly from the 2018 inGamba Magazine, which can be found in its entirety here