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Italian Perfection

Prologo was founded to become the leading manufacturer in the bicycle world by bringing innovation and changing the way we think about saddles and gloves in different cycling disciplines, including road racing, XC, cyclocross, and gravity. Prologo is committed to providing Italian design, innovation, and cutting-edge technology for road bikes. Prologo’s commitment to new systems and technologies, such as the ‘Multishape’ and the ‘Multisize,’ is one of the reasons why elite riders and inGamba choose Prologo.

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One of the best saddles I've used. It has a good size, foam differences, a light and resistant rail, and a very firm base.


Research and Innovation

Prologo was founded with a specific goal of innovating and changing the vision of saddles, grips, and gloves used in various cycling disciplines. The Italians aimed to become the leading manufacturer in the global cycling industry, and they have gradually built an extensive professional team to achieve this goal.
This team includes experts in various disciplines who work closely with the best male and female riders in the cycling industry to develop groundbreaking and innovative Prologo saddles and other accessories.

Prologo Perineal Area System

The pressure relief systems were created to prevent pressure spikes and promote blood flow. Prologo designed the PAS (Perineal Area System) cutout. The Active Base System is used on the closed saddles, which feature a hollow and covered base for maximum comfort.
The Active Base System combines the pressure relief of a cut-out with the larger surface of a closed saddle. It features an open and covered base that distributes the rider’s weight, promoting blood flow, while also providing a larger support area and protection against water and mud.

Multi Sector System

The new MSS- Multi Sector System seating system, designed in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic, contributes to improved comfort and performance. The active and separated foams create 5 zones that work in an intelligent and individual way favouring the normal pedalling movement both during pushing and pulling.

The rounded shape of the Scratch M5 allows the pelvis to rotate naturally, creating stability and support for the lumbar region; it also favours the distribution of pressure over a larger surface area.


Prologo has sponsored many successful athletes and teams who have won several World and Olympic titles and prestigious races like the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Tour of Flanders.

Prologo collaborates with top cycling professionals to design and develop innovative, patented technologies that guarantee an exceptional riding experience for everyone. This is why inGamba chooses Prologo saddles.

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