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When it comes to sunglasses, we are very happy to have partnered with Oakley. Oakley sunglasses are not just famous for their celebrated history and loyal fans. They offer more than just style and functionality. Each pair of Oakley sunglasses is engineered to provide ultimate comfort, impeccable style, and the best eye protection. As the vintage print ad says, Oakley “doesn’t build sunglasses to sit on your head or dangle on a string around your neck.”

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There’s the good, the bad, and then there’s the Oakley.


Oakley sunglasses are renowned for their well-designed and expertly crafted construction, making them the most popular brand worldwide.


Research and Innovation

Oakley was established in California in 1975 to cater to the needs of both professional and amateur athletes worldwide. With years of research and development, Oakley has secured more than 800 patents, which integrate cutting-edge product technology with a perfect blend of science and art.
Oakley’s lenses are widely known for their advanced lens technology which enhances colours and improves clarity. Their Prizm technology is highly effective in controlling the amount of light and the specific light spectrums that enter the lens, resulting in enhanced colours and contrasts in various environments.

Premium Performance

During Fausto Coppi’s era, cyclists used to wear normal sunglasses, such as the Persol brand. However, Oakley has become the most popular brand in sports eyewear, particularly in cycling. Oakley has been leading the way in performance sunglasses since 1985, starting with the iconic Eyeshade glasses. Since then, we have seen the Razor Blades, worn by Greg LeMond, and the M-Frame, worn by Lance Armstrong.
Tiger Woods is a fan of Oakley’s brand both on and off the golf course. During the 2000 Summer Olympics, track athlete Ato Bolton sported Oakley’s iconic Over The Top FMJ Silver Fire Iridium Sunglasses. Professional golfer Jarmo Sandelin also likes the glasses for their X-Men-meets-Natural Born Killers look.


Oakley achieved its first major success in the 1990s through collaborations with major athletes, including Michael Jordan. One of the brand’s most loyal wearers, Dennis Rodman, even sported a pair of Oakley glasses courtside and in his role as Yaz in the 1997 cult film favorite “Double Team.” Oakley’s success in the 90s can’t be attributed to any single factor. The brand’s presence across sports, fashion, and entertainment all played an immense role in cultivating its longstanding appeal. Even today, Oakley continues to attract a star-studded clientele with Kim Kardashian, Bad Bunny, and Pharrell Williams owning several pairs from the brand’s franchise of performance sunglasses.


Oakley has been a pioneer in research and innovation for several decades. They have introduced various frame and lens technologies that offer outstanding performance and cater to the unique requirements of different customers.

Oakley is renowned for its daring innovation and cutting-edge product design, particularly in the field of athletic sunglasses. Their products have helped sports legends and current athletes make their mark in the history of sports.

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