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Luxury technical footwear

When it comes to cycling shoes, we are very happy to have partnered with Nimbl. These shoes are not only beautifully crafted and handmade in Italy, but they also exude passion and craftsmanship in every stitch. The team at Nimbl takes pride in the manual production of each pair of shoes, ensuring that every detail is perfect, from the carbon chassis to the upper. These exclusive and luxury technical footwear are not only light and strong but also feel amazing to the touch. In fact, over the past year, their shoes have been put to the test by World Tour riders and track World champions at the most important cycling events in the world. And the verdict is in: Nimbl shoes are the ultimate in cycle shoe performance.

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When I first opened the box on my new Nimbl shoes, I knew I was holding something special. What truly sets the Nimbl shoes apart is their unparalleled comfort. I've worn them for countless hours straight without experiencing any discomfort whatsoever. It's safe to say that these shoes are the best shoes I've ever worn.


100% handcrafted in Italy, top quality feather lightness (180gr) minimum stack height for maximum pedal efficiency. Unique feeling from the very first pedal stroke.


Handmade in Italy

Picture yourself riding a bike in a pair of shoes that are not only comfortable but also high-performing, durable, and stylish. Nimbl shoes are just that – handmade in Italy with a passion for quality.
They take pride in their production facility, where they manufacture every single component with attentive Italian craftsmanship. From the carbon chassis to the upper, every aspect of our shoes is manufactured in-house. This allows them to have complete control over the production process, creating exclusive and luxury technical footwear that will exceed your expectations.

Premium Performance

As a rider, you know that every pedal stroke counts. That’s why you demand a shoe that’s just as demanding as you are. And that’s where Nimbl comes in. Their shoes are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders seeking premium performance.
At the core of their shoes is a “tray” shaped carbon shell that’s built to provide unrivaled power transfer and keep your feet in the optimal position. You’ll feel the difference from the very first pedal stroke, thanks to the ultra-stiff sole and low stack height.


Nimbl shoes have been put to the test by World Tour riders and track World champions over the past few years, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. They’ve passed the most demanding practice tests at the most important cycling events in the world, making their shoes the best choice for anyone looking to boost their cycling game.
And here’s the best part – their shoes are incredibly lightweight, with the AIR model weighing under 200 grams per shoe in size 43. That makes them one of the lightest on the market, giving you the ultimate advantage in any race or competition.


The brand Nimbl derives from the English adjective “nimble,” which means agile, fast, and light. Nimbl was established in 2019 in collaboration with the Marche artisan, Luigino Verducci, who was incorporated into the company in 2020. The company’s first prototypes were developed with feedback from WorldTour riders. They provided critical feedback that helped adjust the company’s vision and guide it toward producing its current excellent product.

Nimbl shoes are entirely handmade in Italy, from the carbon sole to the upper, with meticulous craftsmanship and meticulous control over the entire production process.

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