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Efficient Fueling

Enervit has collaborated with some of the world’s most remarkable athletes and teams over the last 50 years. They prioritize the science of functional nutrition and aim to help athletes improve their performance by providing sports nutrition that is scientifically grounded and free from exaggerated claims.
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We use Enervit for one simple reason: they studied their supplements meticulously to support you in all three steps of the activity - before, to increase energy; during, to reduce fatigue; and after, to improve recovery.


Enervit products are exceptional. Easy to consume, appealing flavors, and an amazing energy source on the bike.

Tony P.

The pioneers in Sports Nutrition

During the 1970s, sports nutrition was not given much importance in terms of its influence on athletic performance. In fact, in some cases, athletes were not allowed to eat or drink while practicing sports. However, Dr. Paolo Sorbini, who founded Enervit, had the intuition that nutrition and supplements played a crucial role in athletic performance. This led to Equipe Enervit, a group of professionals who understand nutrition.

Alongside World-Class athletes

Enervit has been working alongside the world’s greatest sports champions for the last thirty years. From winners of World Cups to Olympic medalists and record-setters, they have provided medical and scientific assistance to all of them. They develop personalized nutrition strategies, conduct field research, provide technical assistance, and create innovative products.

Science Based

The Enervit Nutrition System® is a scientifically-backed plan that provides high-quality and trustworthy nutrition and supplement solutions. Being able to follow both professionals and amateurs during competitions and trainings, allowed the Equipe Enervit to identify athletes’ real needs and develop high-quality sport nutrition products, studied to support performance at its best.


Enervit is a company that was founded in Milan in 1954. Today, they produce their products in Zelbio. They have two production centers – one in Erba, which is located in the Como province and is known for producing functional bars that are free of gluten and palm oil. The other production center is the historic plant in Pian del Tivano, Zelbio, which is situated at an altitude of 1000 meters.

During your trips, our guides and masseurs will help you select the right Enervit drinks, gels, energy bars, and protein bars that you need before, during, and after each ride.

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