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Founded in 1876 by Milanese tailor Gianni Vittore, Castelli has become a household name in the world of sportswear. With its iconic scorpion logo, the brand cemented itself as a symbol of innovation and style. Castelli’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve is evident in everything they do, from their fabrics to their designs. The brand has come a long way since its inception. Still, one thing remains the same: their unwavering dedication to producing top-quality, comfortable, and fashionable apparel.
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We’ve had a close connection to Castelli, this legendary Italian brand, for a long time. The relationship actually began before inGamba was born because I raced in Castelli kit when I was a pro. In the past few years, we’ve worked hard with them to develop the best possible kit for all conditions. We hope you like it as much as we do.


I’m really happy that inGamba works with Castelli because my real cycling journey began wearing their kit. I can still remember pulling on that Italian jersey in Mexico, it was all in wool, a beautiful blue, with that little scorpion logo on the shoulder. My mother still has it, with the numbers pinned on the back. Their logo was there again when we won gold at the 1987 World Championships and later in my professional career.



Back in 1974, Castelli introduced a range of groundbreaking products, including the first-ever Lycra shorts and the iconic scorpion logo. Their innovations also included the first synthetic seat pad, sublimation technology, and fleece fabrics for cycling jerseys and kits. Today, many of the features you see in modern cycling apparel owe their origins to Castelli’s pioneering spirit. They set a high standard for others to follow by creating innovative clothing that remains unmatched to this day.


The first rider they worked with was Alfredo Binda, the dominant power of the 1920s and ‘30s Italian cycling and such a peerless talent that race organizers sometimes paid him not to attend their events. They have been dressing the best athletes in the world ever since, and over the decades, their list of clientele reads like a who’s who of cycling royalty.


Castelli was the first brand to launch a cycling collection exclusively for women. And that was in 1996. That same year, the brand equipped the Italian national cycling team and Paola Pezzo when she won the Olympic gold medal in mountain biking. Today, their women’s collection offers a range of comfortable and well-fitted clothing options featuring technical fabrics and panel construction.


Castelli was the first company to introduce Lycra in the 1970s, the first windproof and thermal jerseys in the 1980s, and the revolutionary Gabba rain jacket in 2010.

It’s a commitment that continues to this day, and it’s one of the reasons that inGamba is so proud to partner with them. Our founder, João Correia, wore Castelli when he was a pro rider, and they made our lead guide Eros Poli’s first-ever national team kit. And you might not know this, but our earliest trips were actually done with Castelli gear, too. So it’s fair to say we go back a long way.

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We recently had a conversation with Alvin Nordell, who is the product marketing manager and pro-team liaison for Castelli. Alvin has over 20 years of experience in racing and riding across the US and Europe. He works closely with the Soudal-QuickStep Pro Cycling Team and gets valuable feedback from Pro riders who put the Castelli kit through the harshest and most demanding situations possible.

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