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When you join us on a trip, you’ll be pedaling on a bike that’s as good as new. We make sure it’s immaculately clean and setup just for you.

And it’s all thanks to our team of mechanics who are focused on making sure your Pinarello is ready for you and you alone. If you’ve traveled with us before, you’ll know firsthand how fantastic their attention to detail is. At inGamba, five mechanics work precisely and calmly to get our fleet of Pinarello Dogma F’s tuned and dialed. They adjust saddle heights, wash the bikes, and make necessary last-minute tweaks every day.

These guys are truly world-class!

Recently, we caught up with Zé, one of our mechanics, to ask him a few questions. He used to race as a pro for six years, from 2001 to 2007, and he’s been a mechanic ever since. He’s been fixing bikes for the best Portuguese national teams for nine years before he joined us in 2015.

So, how long does it take to build a bike?

A Pinarello Dogma F takes about four hours to assemble, from the wheels to the chains to the levers. And with a team of five mechanics working together, we separate ourselves into different activities: some measure the levers, and others cut the forks.

How’s your day-to-day schedule during a trip?

Regarding day-to-day travel during a trip, our mechanics start very early to have everything ready about an hour before departure. We check the tire pressure, gears, and chains in the morning, put the bike in the starting area, and load the cars with spare material. At the end of the day, we wash, lubricate, and tune the bikes.

Everything has to be perfect for professional riders to compete at their best level and win. At inGamba, we take the same care to ensure the bikes are always impeccable – we are not racing, but the bike is a huge part of the experience. Our guests never have to worry about their bike – we do everything so they can enjoy the ride!

Have you ever had guests who show a keen interest in the mechanics of their bikes?

They often come to ask our mechanics questions, and we love that. The most common questions are: “How do we get the bike so clean?” or “What are hookless wheels?” We’re always happy to explain all these little details that make a bike run smoothly.

What are some daily pro tips for home mechanics to maintain their bikes in top condition?

For those who like to tinker with bikes, here are some pro tips from our mechanics. When washing the bike, use the products we use from Morgan Blue and follow our techniques. For example, one of the products is a spray bottle, but we use it with a brush on the chain instead of spraying it. And remember to wash your bike once a week and remove the wheels to clean the cassette if you have a disc bike. Finally, spray the discs before passing the liquid on the chain so as not to damage the discs. Happy tinkering!


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Miguel Andrade

A writer and photographer obsessed with creating a modern image of Portugal, Miguel’s reporting for the New York Times, Esquire, and more have helped make Lisbon a food destination and a post-lockdown dream for many. He just collaborated on a cookbook called Portugal: The Cookbook (Phaidon), a Portuguese cuisine encyclopedia with more than 550 recipes.