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A destination that inspires

Surrounded by the incredible beauty of the Sonoran Desert, Canyon Ranch was born from one man's pursuit of wellness, before wellness was a household word. This legendary resort has since inspired a global industry and changed the lives of countless guests since it first opened its doors in 1979. This luxury resort boasts state-of-the-art facilities and a wide array of assessments and consultations available, making it the perfect place to unwind, revitalize and discover your true potential with the help of Canyon Ranch's team of expert physicians and nutritionists.

Canyon Ranch's integrative approach to wellness – including mind, body and spirit – will leave you refreshed and reinvigorated, with a better understanding of how your body functions and the role your mind plays in your fitness.


With a history dating back thousands of years, Tucson has a spirit and a flavor all of its own. Known for wide open spaces, gorgeous desert landscapes, and a broad range of delicious local delicacies, it is the perfect place relax, unplug from everyday like and get out into nature to explore on two wheels.


  • Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona.

  • It is also the second most misspelt city in the States.

  • Renowned for its food scene, Tucson is also a UNESCO City of Gastronomy.

  • On June 8, 1854, the United States acquired Tucson via treaty from Mexico in the Gadsden Purchase for $10 million – equivalent to $230 million in today's money.


  • The The city has more Saguaro cactus. There are more of the iconic succulents surrounding it than any other place in the world.

  • El Tour de Tucson, Arizona's largest and longest-running cycling event, attracts more than 9000 bike enthusiasts per year and usually raises about $2 million for local charities.

  • Thanks to low light pollution, Tucson is one of the best places in the U.S. for astronomy. In an effort to help local observatories, Pima County enacted a “dark sky” code back in 1972 to regulate outdoor lighting.


  • Tucson gets more sun than any other city in the US with 350 days each year. While the summers can be sweltering, the winters are cool and dry, and it is mostly clear year round.

  • Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 42°F to 102°F and is rarely below 33°F or above 107°F.

  • With wide streets, clean air, impeccable desert beauty and year round biking, Tucson is a popular training base for elite cyclists.


  • The city of Tucson is 2,389 feet above sea level.

  • Quiet roads winding through desert landscapes.

  • Saguaro National Park protects the precious Sonoran Desert landscape and the important flora and fauna that live there, including the iconic saguaro cactus. The park covers 92,000 acres.

"My cycling journey with inGamba was a life changing and enhancing experience. The camaraderie, the physical challenge and the team inspired me to become a better cyclist and person."

inGamba guest Diana Backstrom on her experience at Canyon Ranch

“There is no place I would rather be than riding my bike with inGamba. Thank you for exceeding our expectations and making it the #BESTWEEKEVER.”

Jennifer Bryan

Your fantasy, our goal

Ever wondered what your perfect day on the bike would look like? We did too. InGamba was born from a desire to combine the world's best cycling with the most delicious local food and wine. We've made that dream a reality – and now we want to share it with you.