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What Is The Stockholm Agreement

April 15th, 2021

Secondly, the UN aimed at normalizing the status quo by facilitating the redeployment of government and Houthi forces in two phases within 21 days, rather than pressuring the Houthis to withdraw from Hodeida and its three ports as per UN Security Council Resolution 2216 (2015). Failing to complete the redeployment of the Joint Forces and Houthi militiamen a year later, contrary to the 21 days provided for by the agreement, the Coordination Committee on Redeployment (RCC) convened more than seven joint meetings and numerous one-sided meetings to discuss the operational aspects of redistribution. In an attempt to show progress, the UN announced the creation of a joint operations center in September to monitor de-escalation efforts and facilitate destablishment of four joint observation posts in late October, after Abhijit Guha resumed his role as the third head in a year of the mission mission in support of the Hodeida agreement (UNMHA) and chair of the RCC. Although these steps have reduced security incidents in the city by approximately 80 percent, according to Griffiths, they failed to stop the Houthis from targeting a Yemeni government delegation in a missile and drone attack in late November. Around that time, the Houthis also claimed responsibility for a deadly missile attack that left hundreds of coalition forces wounded in Mocha, which falls outside the scope of the agreement. These figures show, in relation to UN statements, that UN envoys ingest information to show success, without reporting on it in detail and transparency. The review of each part of the agreement suggests that international attention to findings of serious international crimes and human rights violations in Yemen played a role in influencing the parties` actions to accept the conditions and conditions to which they ultimately agreed in Sweden. This recognition deals directly with the question of the human rights obligations imposed on each party to the agreement and the question of who can be held responsible for their violation. As noted above, Yemen is a signatory to a number of human rights treaties, for which the Government of Yemen has agreed that all rights to life, liberty, security, health and food, clothing and shelter, as well as arbitrary detention and torture or inhuman treatment , will be guaranteed to all Yemeni citizens.

However, these human rights instruments give only a direct obligation to the Yemeni government, which has signed and accepted them. Questions remain about the nature of the commitments made by non-state actors to the conflict, de facto authorities and foreign powers, such as states within the Saudi-led coalition, all of which are involved in serious human rights violations against the Yemeni people. Thanks to the presence of UN Secretary-General Guterres at the closing ceremony, the Stockholm agreement was enthusiastically announced as an important step towards the end of the war. The agreement has three components: the first relates to the exchange of up to 16,000 prisoners between the two parties; the second, a ceasefire and demilitarization of the city and port of Hodeida, as well as the two ports of Salif and ras Issa; and the third is the creation of a committee that works to de-escalate the fighting in Taiz. The whole document is only 3 pages long and it would be very difficult to produce something vague. The lack of detail and precision reflects the reluctance of both sides to compromise or seek a solution in the interests of the Yemeni people. We see the modest successes of the Stockholm Agreement in the fact that we are moving closer to achieving a lasting peace for all Yemenis. The process can be slow. There will still be setbacks. But we will continue to promote and appreciate every small milestone on the road to supporting Yemenis in their quest for peace and stability. What`s new? A UN-brokered agreement to demilitarise the Yemeni port city of Hodeida is stuck.