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Usd 383 Negotiated Agreement

April 14th, 2021

The preliminary agreement is expected to increase total compensation and teacher spending by nearly $1.2 million. The agreement provides for a 3.52% increase in the remuneration package. The basic wage proposal shows no increase, as teachers` salaries remain at $41,000. The proposal also provides for vertical and horizontal measures for experience and education, as well as ongoing coverage of individual health insurance premiums. The proposal also contains a number of letters of understanding, including a day of issuance that, if necessary, adds three additional days of illness to possibly use distance courses instead of bad weather days. The Manhattan/Ogden School Board plans to hold a special meeting Friday to consider ratifying the NEA teachers` contract for the 2020-2021 school year. The school committee meets at 7:30 a.m.m. Friday on Zoom. The meeting is shared on the $383 Manhattan/Ogden Facebook page.

The package for Friday`s meeting, including details of the preliminary agreement, will be shared below. If you have to work 17 and a half hours a week or more, you must complete the registration. On that date, you either sign up for one of the eligible benefits or you sign a waiver of the refusal. July 23 – July 29 Registration Open at Robinson Education Center Kirmser Conference Room 9:00 – 16:00: 16:00 ALLGEMEINE INDENKTIONEN ONLINE APPLICATION FORMS for APPLICANTS Information on application directories, monthly data, most recent W-2 statement, holiday history (including sick leave, personal vacation and leave) and list of current benefits and deductions. All franchises and plans have changed. Please check everything and make your choice. The district is still negotiating how much it will pay for the respective staff plans. USD 383 Board of Directors: Left-handwise watch: Curt Herrman, Kristin Brighton, Darell Edie, Katrina Lewison, Jurdene Coleman, Chairman Karla Hagemeister and Brandy Santos.

($383 courtesy photo) You can monitor your app`s progress using the license search. July 15-21 Online registration will be open (you must print, sign and return a copy of your SRA to the human resources department) (Note that the benefits will take effect from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021.) (Note: If you see an empty screen and you`re using Google Chrome, switch to your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser) Performance recording for USD 383 is currently underway online. Previous emails have been sent in which you know how to supplement your performance options via the online registration system. Please contact your manager immediately and then call the human resources department at 785-587-2000 to report the injury. You`ll find more information below and guide you to a safe and efficient work environment. . Definitions 1. If the male pronoun is used during these guidelines, it is intended to refer to both female and male precursors. 2.

When the word “superintendent” or “principle” is present, the words “or designated representative” are deemed to be added.