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The Joy of QOM

April 6th, 2015

It’s my favorite time of year again; time to prepare for the annual inGamba Tours women’s trip. This exclusive inGamba event has become the thing I look forward to each winter—the thing in my mind motivating me as I climb through the damp landscape of Oregon, the thing I daydream about while hand-cranking homemade pasta in the kitchen.

I even wrote an article about it after last year in Peloton Magazine.

Women’s Week is a pretty simple concept with a fairly spectacular result: ride with other bike-loving women through the heart of Tuscany for a week and enjoy everything the region has to offer along the way.

The cadence is something like this: pedal, eat, drink, laugh, massage, eat, laugh, drink, sleep, repeat. (Please note the ratio of consumption to exertion.) For those that love the bike the way that we do, it’s the perfect balance of challenge, beauty, recovery and indulgence.

João Correia and I concepted this trip after we met in 2012 and, as we enter our third season, Women’s Week has exceeded all of our expectations. I could regale you with tales of sweeping vineyard vistas and daily massages from a pro tour soigneur, but the real magic of it is something much more simple and much harder to plan; connection. Lively dinner tables, late night glasses of Chianti on the back patio, knowing sideways glances shared in the thrill of a buttery and swooping Tuscan descent:

“We ride hard, we attack, we talk smack, we offer a wheel, we teach and allow ourselves to learn, we grab a pocket to siphon a bit of power from the one who’s hurting us, we regroup or circle back, we stop at a bar for espresso and lie, lizard-like, on the sun-warmed tiled porch. But most of all? Most of all we laugh. We laugh so hard we have to stop pedaling. We laugh so hard we blow accidental snot rockets. We laugh so hard we have to ask the soigneur to massage the muscles in our faces.”
-peloton magazine, 2014

The women who have joined my on this trip in previous years have become fast and lasting friends with good reason; experiencing the #bestweekever together forms bonds that don’t fade with time or distance.

Please accept this invitation to join us in 2015 for a week that will leave you energized, refreshed and giddy (not to mention incredibly fit).
See you there?

– Heidi