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SRAM goes 12-speed with new groupset

February 6th, 2019 - Jim Merithew

SRAM has just unveiled what the media is calling “the worst kept secret in cycling”. It’s 12-speed, it’s called SRAM AXS, and we are busily equipping all of our 2019 Pinarello F10 team bikes with it. We couldn’t be more excited.

In the words of SRAM: “Road riders are going beyond where we’ve ever gone before. We’re going further and faster. And when the road stops, we keep going. One thing hasn’t changed: We want to push those boundaries without any distractions. Exploring new limits has never been easier.”

It’s still early days for media reviews, but the press so far has been resoundingly positive:

You can only applaud SRAM for having the courage to take on decades of accepted standards and come up with something that’s not just new, but has purpose with it. -Bike Radar

SRAM has done something exciting here. -Cycling Weekly

It’s clear that AXS connected components are their platform for the future on road, gravel and mountain. -Bike Rumor

It’s a significant re-imagining of the groupset.

This announcement is just as much gearhead as it is smart tech. -DC Rainmaker

It may seem on the surface that electronic shifting is just another gadget. Just another shiny fascination for the technophiles. But in a surprisingly pure sense, it is a way to make our rides better. -Bike Mag

It promise wider gear ratios and smaller jumps between the gears.   -GCN Video

We’ll report back soon with our own thoughts on the next generation of gear changing, but if you want more info now you can head over to the SRAM website to get all the nitty-gritty details.

Jim Merithew