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01. Start the morning with high fives or hugs. Ideally both. But in case you’re not a hugger, know that you can still take the jersey with high fives alone. Five points for each.

02. Caffeine is not required, but may prove extremely helpful to you throughout the day. I recommend a minimum of four espressos with breakfast.

03. Eat well and often according to your preference and the culinary delights of the country through which you are pedaling. In Portugal, some pastéis de nata are an effective place to start.

04. Set your cycling computer to display your Smiles Per Mile output. You will want to optimize your pre-trip laughter training to ensure that you set a new Functional Grin Threshold PR at some point during the week.

05. As you prepare for your inGamba vacation, ensure that you work in some resistance training for your cheeks. Muscular endurance in this critical zone will provide you with the stamina to maintain maximum Joy Face throughout.

06. Stopping periodically during a mountain climb to pick flowers for your hair earns bonus points. Picking and delivering flowers to your fellow riders counts for double.

07. Optimized V02 Max is essential for on-bike singing, which has been shown to be an indisputable X-factor for previous Joy QOM champions.

08. Your Pinarello is a key contributor to the amplification of your inherent delight. Take time to revel in its beauty and prowess. Appreciate its perfect fit. Praise spoken out loud to your whip will enhance your smileage.

09. Recovery is crucial; leverage afternoon naps and massage to recharge and prepare for all the Joy still to come.

10. At the dinner table, toast early and often. Be relentless in your commitment to keep wine glasses topped off. Studies have shown that world-class dining experiences have a strong positive correlation to happiness performance.

The 2020 edition of Heidi Swift’s annual women’s week extravaganza will take place this May in Catalonia, Spain. For more details, check out the trip page!