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Our updated policies for Coronavirus (Covid-19)

March 15th, 2020 - João Correia, inGamba founder

As we all continue to face a period of unique and unprecedented uncertainty due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), I wanted to reach out to the inGamba community in a spirit of friendship and give you an update on how we are adjusting our calendar so as to give our guests as many options as possible over the next few weeks and for the duration of the 2020 season.

Although collectively we find ourselves in a period of uncertainty, at inGamba we are committed to remaining a positive resource for our community of guests, investors and staff. We celebrate and aim to emulate the resilience we are seeing in Italy at this moment. You’ve probably seen the videos of people in cities and towns around Italy, singing together from their respective balconies. We too can come together in a spirit of camaraderie, empathy, and strength and tackle this challenging time together.

As I reflect on the reasons why I started inGamba, it feels more important than ever to continue to create powerful experiences for people around riding, food, wine and adventure that reveal what it means to live life fully. I look forward to continuing to create a family environment of connection, authenticity and fun as inGamba introduces guests to each other, to our staff, and to other inspirational people, such as some of the owners of the properties we stay in, or a restaurateur who gives so much more than just great food.

As you and your families adjust in the weeks to come, please know that we are with you in solidarity. We hope you are able to use the next few weeks as an opportunity to connect with and care for those closest to you. We are also aspiring to continue our season as soon as government authorities give clear information regarding when travel will become possible. Until that time, we have put the following policies in place:

Trips through April 25th

We are canceling all trips through April 25th. If you booked a trip through April 25th we will place a full credit on your account + $500 that you can use towards any other trip on our calendar with no expiration date.

Trips between April 25th – May 30th

We are reviewing trips 45 days out from April 25th (closer if need be) and deciding whether or not to run them based on the situation in each country in order to allow maximum flexibility for our guests.

Should you wish to cancel a trip running between April 25th and May 30th we will place a full credit on your account + $500 that you can use towards any other trip on our calendar with no expiration date.

Trips between May 31st – November 9th

Should you wish to cancel a trip running from May 31st to the end of the season we will place a full credit on your account with no expiration date.

Furthermore, we have suspended collecting balances due 90 days before trips on all public trips.

Along with you, I wait for this period to pass and look forward to sharing the table and the road with you very soon. I leave you with some inspiring words I read from Gurpreet K. Gill:

“What if this pandemic offers us something? An invitation to slow down, to reconnect with ourselves and our family, rather than race at our usual extroverted pace. A recollection of what it means to be connected emotionally if not physically, to be more humane, to live a simpler life, to be less impactful and kinder to our environment.”

Take care,

João Correia, inGamba founder