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Looking pro ain’t easy. You can have all the awesome gear in the world, but if you’ve spent the off-season scoffing pizza and beer on the couch, nothing is going to hide those bulges. There’s no substitute for regular riding and a sensible diet if you really want to look your best on the bike. Trust us, we’ve tried everything. But, assuming you’re in shape, there are levels of cool when it comes to cycling fashion.

Matching kit, clean and free of tears, is the absolute minimum. Bonus points if your helmet, shoes, and shades aren’t clashing. Do not rush out the door looking like you got dressed in the dark, because we will make fun of you. After that, there are a few other touches that will keep you safe, sartorially speaking. Fellas: Shorts should be black – no one wants to see you in white.


For anyone looking to make the next step up – to look Pro with the capital P – you need custom kit. Because nothing says “I’m a baller” quite like riding in something no one else can get. Anyone who’s been a professional cyclist will know how sweet it feels when the sponsor shows up with boxes full of new gear.

“When I was young always dreamed of using this kind of equipment,” says Manuel Cardoso, former World Tour rider turned inGamba superstar. “When I became a pro I was super excited to have the chance. It made me feel great, it was a dream come true.

“Here at inGamba, we only use the best brands and the best materials. And having personalized gear like this, it means a lot to me. It’s a small recognition of what we achieved in our careers as professional riders, and seeing the Portuguese flag on my kit reminds me of the two national championships I won, which makes me happy.”



When we're riding, only the best is good enough. So we've applied that philosophy to everything that we do at inGamba. Our mechanics and soigneurs have Pro Tour experience and our clothing and equipment are the best that money can buy. Nothing we do or use is left to chance and we've left no stone unturned in our quest to create the most incredible experience possible. Because we know that even the smallest detail can make a big difference.