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The first inGamba House Ride is on the books and thanks to some specatuclar weather, cookies baked by the amazing Denise Edwards and the presence of the unflappable Ted King the ride was a winner.

With the group gathering and then rolling out of inGamba World Headquarters, spinning through Sausalito, up Hawk Hill and back around to Cibo for a little sustenance we could not be happier with how we spent our Tuesday afternoon.

The next official inGamba House Ride will be December 1. We are calling it a 11am meet and greet with an 11:30am roll time, mostly because Frank pointed out we were a little squishy on our roll time today.

Come one. Come all.


Ted King trying to make a nutritional decision before ride time.


The crew gets in a little pre-ride chatter.


Pretty good turnout for the first inGamba House Ride.


Ted King turns up the heat on Hawk Hill.


Not a bad place for a short regroup.


Yes, it is the real Ted King.


Lunch on a lunch ride is not a bad way to go.