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Cloud Agreement Checklist

September 14th, 2021

All cloud security requirements have some importance, based on risk, and most are applicable regardless of the cloud provider or service. Is there a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures adequate performance? Masur said public cloud providers are less willing to accept aggressive, bespoke service levels that typically have a number of standard service levels for all customers. He added that public cloud providers tend to offer much smaller service-level credits, partly because of their low-cost model, but also perhaps because of a lack of historical data showing that the provider is able to meet stricter service level targets. Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to assess the current status of cloud-based agreements based on elements of ISO/IEC 19086-1. Watch the results of the study in a short video. Microsoft has developed the Due Diligence Cloud Services Checklist to help companies be diligent when considering moving to the cloud. It provides structure for all sizes and types of organizations, from private companies to public sector bodies, including all levels of government and non-profit organizations – to identify their own goals and requirements for performance, service, data management, and governance. This assessment allows them to better compare offerings from different cloud service providers and ultimately form the basis of a cloud service agreement. Organizations are then better able to ask suppliers to respond to each of the thoughts on the checklist, compare responses, and decide which vendor best meets their goals. Look for these ten essential details in each agreement to improve your SaaS management: Are you struggling to find this information? Look for the termination period in your SaaS agreement.