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Bc Assessment Union Agreement

September 12th, 2021

BC Assessment is an independent Crown Corporation established in 1974 in response to inequalities in the property tax system around BC. Prior to that, the province had 140 separate evaluation bodies with different mandates and methods. The NDP government, led by Dave Barrett, responded to growing concern about gross valuation inequalities by striking the bipartisan special legislative committee created by BC Assessment. To this day, Mr. Barrett is proud of his creation. Rightly so. 17 1. Where crown or property land has been leased, granted or sold, the minister of the appropriate department or the representative designated by the Contracting First Nation shall, by written notification to the taxation authority, promptly inform the auditor of the taxation area in which the land is located. (3) Before 15 April of each year, the taxing authority shall provide the regional hospital councils free of charge with information indicating the net tax value of all areas and improvements in each member municipality, in the contract areas of each first tax nation and in the other rural area of the district, both in the completed and revised tax roll. (B) for periods of less than 7 days as an overnight stay for at least 50% of the 12-month period ending on June 30 of the year preceding the fiscal year for which the tax list is closed, offered or leased. 6 (1) A tax notice may list any number of parcels that have been assessed in the name of the same owner.

43 (1) The Board of Appeal for the valuation of immovable property shall be prosecuted as follows if the expert does so or before the 31st.