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2012 was an amazing journey for us. Although the foundation of our company started with one ride in Chianti during the autumn of my 2010 season [read more about it here], inGamba has really become the work of a few people whose shared passion for riding a bicycle, eating great food and drinking fantastic wine have one thing in common. Sharing it with amazing people. I think Peloton Magazine summarized it best by saying:

“The concept of InGamba is simple: combine the best riding with the best of everything else. What life would we live if we could live perfectly every day? Eat and drink as if this is your last day, ride as if you won’t ride again, open your eyes and see the world, feel with every part of your heart. InGamba is not just about cycling, it’s about accessing a passion that most people might never get to engage. With InGamba, everything is personal. Everything is special. Everything rises above. These tours are created from intimate knowledge of places and decades-old friendships” ~ Heidi Swift – Peloton Magazine

If we do one thing well it’s creating experiences that you will never forget. Whether it’s spending a few days with a pro whom you may have read about, introducing you to the man known as the philosopher shoemaker or the woman who single handedly revolutionized what Chianti wine is today. With us you will see life through the lens of what relationships and passion do for people.

We run trips in Chianti in the Spring, Summer and Fall (8 total) and this year will again do our award winning Portugal Trip in September.
Each one of our trips is unique and is built around our passions for Chianti and sharing experiences that you can only have in this magical region. It’s a combination of the great roads, people and food & wine that you will only find there. In the middle there will be surprises that one of my partners summarized best “being open to what the road has to offer”. We never know what those are but some of our best memories come from those surprises this year.

What is similar with each trip is the level of service and attention to details. We limit our trips to 8-12 people. Our partnerships are built on relationships we have had for years.

We ride Pinarello bikes because those are the bikes we love and our relationship with the Pinarello family has allowed us unique access to a fleet of their top line Dogma model.

When you arrive you will be greeted by a kit from Giordana. We like their clothing. In fact we like them period. We think you will as well. You will meet the mythic soigneur Raul, who will not only fix your body after each day but he’ll touch your soul as well. And of course there is always Luis our mechanic to make sure your Pinarello is not only clean but is also running perfectly each day.

These are some of the things I enjoyed most about being on a pro team. Great bikes, amazing kit and a soigneur and mechanic to make sure the body and machine are running smoothly. I brought those to inGamba because I thought you should have them as well.

We hope you have the opportunity to travel with us this year and we have the opportunity to meet you, below please find our calendar for the season.


When we're riding, only the best is good enough. So we've applied that philosophy to everything that we do at inGamba. Our mechanics and soigneurs have Pro Tour experience and our clothing and equipment are the best that money can buy. Nothing we do or use is left to chance and we've left no stone unturned in our quest to create the most incredible experience possible. Because we know that even the smallest detail can make a big difference.