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A message about coronavirus (Covid-19) from our CEO

February 28th, 2020 - Jon Biele

To our inGamba family:

We know that coronavirus (Covid-19) has become a global concern. We, like you, have been watching closely to determine what the impact of this new sickness means for our families, friends, and businesses. 

While we have been following developments since the earliest instances in Asia, the situation has now evolved from a regional issue to a global one. Specifically, there have been several cases in Italy, a country that we know and love, and in which we operate. We are concerned about this, but not panicked. The way in which the local authorities have dealt with major sporting events and kept travel restrictions to an absolute minimum is also reassuring. 

We hope, first and foremost, that you and your respective families are healthy and remain so. Secondly, for those that have planned to travel with us in the spring of 2020, we are watching closely the way governments, both local and national, are responding to existing and potential threats and impacts as this virus continues to evolve. 

Our biggest concern for those traveling with us in the immediate or near future is the threat of quarantine. More importantly, we do not want to expose anyone, guests or staff, to a potential health risk. That being said, we understand people have concerns and therefore, we have postponed our Strade Bianche trip and will accommodate those guests accordingly.

We do not have any other trips planned for March, so we have time to assess the situation as the world comes to grip with Covid-19. As we approach trips scheduled for April, we’ll evaluate each one individually, and communicate directly with guests approximately three weeks before each trip is to begin. 

If for any reason we are forced to postpone your trip, we will credit you for a trip in the future. For those traveling or planning to travel with us later in the spring, summer or fall, please know that barring a manifestation beyond what has been projected, we intend to proceed. 

However, at this point we need to say that we can’t recommend strongly enough that you purchase travel insurance. 

We hope, as you do, that this virus becomes contained, that those infected can be cured quickly, and that we are able to return to riding bikes in beautiful locations as quickly as possible.



Jon Biele, Chief Executive Officer

Jon Biele