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World Bicycle Relief

December 28th, 2013

We’ve raised 20,000

In March we announced our program One Guest : One Bike donating $134 per guest that enabled the non-profit World Bicycle Relief to buy one bike for their Africa Program.

You know what?  It was the best thing we did all year.  With the help of our guests and friends to date we have driven close to140 bikes and raised almost $20,000 for this incredible organization.

Bikes change people’s lives.

For some of us, it’s a tool to make a living, for others a way to lose a little extra weight or simply blow off some stress.

But yet for a different group of people, it’s a way to get around that allows you to get to a job or school. It can be that little push you need to get over the poverty line and make a difference for you family.

At inGamba, we believe in the power of bikes. We also believe in making a difference and making sure it’s part of what we do.

Although our trips are about great food, wine and riding bikes our inspiration as a business is to make people’s lives better. It can be one of our guests or it can be a young person in Africa whom we’ll never meet but along with our guests, we will affect with our contribution that gives them the ability to get from point A to point B easier and therefore transform their lives.

We are proud to join Fat Cyclist’s effort Grand Slam for Zambia and donating a trip with inGamba to one lucky winner who this holiday season decides to make a difference.  Your donation will be automatically matched so you will have double impact.  While doing so you could win an inGamba trip or one of five dream bikes.


Click here to enter and see more information.

On behalf of all of us at inGamba.  We wish both you and your families a wonderful holiday season and hope to see you in Chianti this coming year.

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