Tucson Training Camp with Tenac Coaching Team


Still confused about your training zones, maximum power, periodization or whatever the hell lactate threshold actually means?
Or maybe you are tired of being dropped on every climb, want to feel more confident on a group ride, or wonder if you should eat the cream cheese bagel or the whole wheat toast? Well, we’ve put together the perfect early-season training camp for you in sunny Arizona.

We’re joining forces with Tenac Championship Coaching to help you dial in your best year ever, bringing our inGamba experience and mashing it together with Jason Tullous and his team of coaches, to help you tweak your training plan for better results and more fun. We’ll cover techniques like bike-handling and pacing efforts, and explain the finer points of power data, and what it can do for your training regime.

As well as having Tenac Championship Coaching on-hand, former pros Eros Poli and Manuel Cardoso will be on the bike with you everyday, sharing tips and setting the pace, so if you’ve ever wondered what it is like to train like a pro, look no further than this long weekend in the desert.

Included With Trip:


  • All lodging*
  • Daily Massage
  • All food and beverages**
  • All transportation to and from TUS to and from trip
  • Daily bike wash
  • Laundry service for cycling clothing

*Pre/post-trip lodging is not included

**Beverages ordered by guests beyond normal amounts and away from group activities will incur additional charges

Trip at a Glance

Start Location:

Tucson, AZ

Finish Location:

Tucson, AZ

Days Riding:


Group Size:

14– 20


Day by Day Breakdown


Tucson Test Ride

Welcome to Arizona! Plan to arrive in Tucson early on Thursday Morning. Our first day of riding will be a shake-out ride to make sure your bike fits and to check the legs before the harder days ahead. We will have lunch together, ride and then discuss nutrition for both on and off the bicycle.

Power and Zones

And we're off. We will start our day early with a discussion about what is a proper warm-up, run some grass skill drills and do power testing. Then after lunch we will meet to talk about how to use power in your training and how to dial in your zones for better training.

Paceline Practice

There is nothing like flying along in a well executed pace line and if you are unfamiliar with the feeling, you will understand how it is done, when it is done and how come it is so much fun, before we run out of sun. We will run drills, talk about etiquette, work on single and double pacelines and if conditions allow we may even work ourselves into an echelon.

Climb on up

Today we will climb up the beloved Mount Lemon as far as the conditions will allow with focus on pacing, position and technique. We will turn around and work on our descending skills.

Put it all together

Today is our last day together, so we will put it all together and we are pretty sure some fun shenanigans will ensue.

BYOB (bring your own bicycle)