Paso Robles


When we think of early season miles, we think of Paso Robles. It has been a favorite of the inGamba family for many years, not just for its diverse terrain and predictably amazing weather, but also for its proximity to our home in San Francisco.

We’ve traveled here many times, and now we want to share the hidden secrets of the region with our guests. This will be the second year we have invited you to our favorite training ground in California, and like last year we know it is going to be awesome. 

If you’ve never spent any time in this part of California, you’re in for an amazing weekend full of surprises. It’s an intoxicating blend of river valleys and undulating farmland, modern vineyards and old, charming homesteads set amongst the rolling hills. It reminds us fondly of our spiritual home in Tuscany.

And if you have traveled to Paso Robles before, don’t worry. Our routes are all custom-designed by us and for us, and we promise to have a couple of tricks up our sleeves. 

Included With Trip:

  • All food and beverages**
  • Pinarello bike rental with SRAM components and daily bike wash
  • Daily post-ride massage from a professional soigneur
  • Laundry service for cycling clothing

*Lodging is not included in this trip. We have reserved rooms at Hotel Cheval for your convenience. 

**Beverages ordered by guests beyond normal amounts and away from group activities will incur additional charges

Trip at a Glance

Start Location:

Paso Robles, CA

Finish Location:

Paso Robles, CA

Days Riding:


Group Size:

8 – 12

Total Distance:


Total Elevation:


Longest Day:

Day 2. Pozo Canyon. 130km

Biggest Climbing Day:

Day 3. Santa Rita Ridge. 1,250m


Day by Day Breakdown


Adelaide & Peachy Canyon

Welcome to Paso Robles! After lunch, our first ride is to the west of Paso Robles which is characterized by the wooded coastal mountains. There is an option to add an additional loop part way through this ride to increase the distance to about 80km. We begin climbing out of Paso Robles and within 10 minutes any traffic dies away and the oak trees line the road sides. These roads sweep back and forth and roll along. It is the perfect test ride. Tonight we will meet for an aperitivo and a big feast at our favorite local brewery. Let’s kick the weekend off right.

Pozo Canyon

Our second ride is a great one for long easy miles, because there are some big sections with no traffic and flat roads. If this looks like too big a day, it is possible to shorten it to about 80km. Pozo Canyon is typically brown and dry 10 months of the year, but after a winter of rain, the hillsides turn green and wild owers come into bloom. The twisting and turning roads through the canyons are as good as any Europe has to offer. In the afternoon we can take a tour of a local brewery and toss back a pint (or two).


Today we climb, but not before we warm up with a trip North along River Road. The climb starts up Indian Valley Road before the final kicker up Hare Canyon Road and the rip down the other side into the tiny town of Bradley. And then onto Naciemento Lake Drive and out along Naciemento Lake where our legs will be challenged with a series of kickers along what should be an amazing stretch of road as good as any Europe has to offer.

Cambria-Ragged Point

Today we will take advantage of the fact the Pacific Coast Highway is still closed to through traffic due to last years landslide. We will shuttle riders and bikes out to Cambria where we will begin our ride North to Ragged Point. We might have to fight a slight headwind going North, but the second half of the out and back should be all tailwind, giving us a little more time to enjoy the rugged coastline and all the beaches filled to capacity with elephant seals.

Estrella Road

On our final day together in Paso Robles we will be doing a morning loop heading east out of town and then turning north along the Estrella River. The route rolls through the undulating vineyards of northeast Paso before connecting with River Road and turning south back to Paso, where we will shower, pack and all find our way back home.