Coast Ride 2018


The Coast Ride has become the unofficial start to the Bay Area bicycle year. A group of friends decided it would be a good idea to ride from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. And they were right.

This is not to be confused with a normal inGamba trip. The Coast Ride runs rain or shine and from our experience, it’s usually the former. We will support the ride, but with an indeterminate number of riders on the road, over a 100 miles-a-day, and the fact the ride is not overly organized, this ride is a tad challenging and not for the faint of heart.

The Coast Ride has announced their plans for 2018 and we like them. It means Day 2 is a long one, but it looks like a lot of fun. Unlike last year we are going to stick with the official Coast Ride route and ride on into Santa Barbara.

Included With Trip:

  • Entry into the “Coast Ride”
  • All lodging*
  • All food and beverages**
  • All transportation to SFO or OAK at the end of the trip
  • Pinarello bike rental with SRAM components and daily bike wash
  • Laundry service for cycling clothing

*Pre/post-trip lodging is not included

**Beverages ordered by guests beyond normal amounts and away from group activities will incur additional charges

Trip at a Glance

Start Location:

San Francisco, CA

Finish Location:

San Francisco, CA

Days Riding:


Group Size:

8 – 12

Total Distance:


Total Elevation:


Longest Day:

Day 3. Monterey - Morro Bay. 255km

Biggest Climbing Day:

Day 3. Big Sur. 2,800m


Day by Day Breakdown


Marin Test Ride

Welcome to California! Plan to arrive in the Bay Area early on Friday Morning. Our first day of riding will be a shake-out ride to make sure your bike fits and to check the legs before the big day tomorrow. We will have lunch at CIBO, our go-to lunch spot during the work week. (and for Joao, sometimes on the weekends, too). In the afternoon we will strike out on a little adventure, exploring some of the secret coves of the headlands. Dinner will be a carbo-load at Tamalpie Pizzeria, which is a great pizza spot, even by Italian standards. Ok, we made up that last part. But, it is still 'hella' tasty.

San Francisco – Monterey

And we're off. We will start early and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge as the sun rises to touch Alcatraz Island. We gather with a group of 200 of your new best friends and the weekends riding partners. The pace out of San Francisco is brisk and the peloton naturally breaks into smaller groups. Day One is an amazing ride as it leaves San Francisco headed for Santa Cruz and Moss Landing and finally ending in Monterey. The mileage total tops out at 125 miles, likely your biggest day of 2017 so far. Just remember to save a little energy for tomorrow.

Monterey - Morro Bay

Our ride on Sunday will get us 60 miles down beautiful Pacific Highway 1 through Big Sur and across the famous Bixby Bridge. It is the most remote section of the Pacific Coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The small road twists & turns, and ascends & descends like a ribbon on a rollercoaster. Although the riding is difficult, it is also incredibly rewarding. Because of the landslide at Lucia we will turn inland and up the Nacimiento Road climb and on into Paso Robles. Then it is decision time. You can either push on into to Morro Bay for the full 159 miles and 4030 meters of climbing. Or you can shuttle forward to Morro Bay for the night.

Morro Bay – Santa Barbara

On the last day we leave Morro Bay headed for Santa Barbara. We will stop in San Luis Obispo for breakfast, Lompoc for lunch and on into Santa Barbara for showers before we turn and shuttle for home. Today's ride is a doozy, with a 20 mile stretch on Highway 101/HIghway 1 itself, but the sense of accomplishment as you roll into Santa Barbara is palpable.