Portugal Leggera

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Portugal is an integral part of who we are here at inGamba. It’s the birthplace of our founder, João Correia, and we think that it’s home to some of the most spectacular, and underrated, cycling terrain in Europe. So when we discovered São Lourenço do Barrocal, in the Alentejo region of Portugal, we knew we had to share it.

Barrocal has been in Jose Uva’s family for over 200 years and is nestled in amongst the vast miles of oak trees, olive orchards and vineyards of the Alentejo, the country’s sparsely populated, agrarian southern region known as Portugal’s breadbasket. It’s famous for rich, uncomplicated cooking and for its salt cod, sheep’s cheese, black pork, olive oils, mushrooms – and its wine. The region makes almost half of Portugal’s total, and in some neat synergy, it’s also the largest producer of cork in the world.

With a rich history dating back to the Phoenicians, Alentejo is an architectural and cultural treasure trove, unlike anywhere else in Europe. The riding here is all about empty roads, rolling hills and seemingly endless panoramas. So you can look forward to being surrounded by as gorgeous a landscape as you’ll ever see. To delving into a gastronomic wonderland. To discovering a home to passionate and talented winemakers, and a place that’s almost completely unknown to the outside world. In other words, look forward to the perfect introduction to inGamba.

Included With Trip:

  • Room
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Pinarello Gan S bike with SRAM Red and Zipp wheels
  • Garmin 820 with pre-downloaded routes or files for your GPS
  • Ride Route Cards
  • Massages available at an additional charge through the spa at Barrocal.



  • Guide
  • Massage
  • inGamba Kit


Uncover European cycling's best kept secret with a professional support team that calls Portugal home. From rugged mountaintop to unblemished beaches and bustling cities to tranquil valleys cloaked in vineyards, the continent's most westerly country is a treasure trove of gorgeous landscapes, culture and cuisine.


Portugal's geographic diversity has given rise to a variety of distinct regions each with their own character and identity.


  • One of Europe’s oldest countries, founded in 1128

  • The world’s tallest wave (30m) was surfed near the town of Nazaré in 2011

  • Portugal’s first cycling world champion was Rui Costa in 2013

  • Alentejo olive oil won 1st prize of the Mario Solinas Quality Award of the International Olive Council.


  • The Alentejo is known for its myriad of birds: storks, eagles, hoopoes and many other species.

  • Fado, the heart-breakingly beautiful folk music of Lisbon, the country’s capital city

  • Portugal is home to 34 percent of the world's total cork oak forests and accounts for 65 percent of global production.


  • 23-16c average temperature

  • Regular ocean breezes

  • 25 days of sun a month


  • Flat and rolling farmlands and fields

  • Low to medium altitude, but some challenging climbs to any one of the regions hilltop castles

“inGamba is a cycling family where your brothers and sisters are professional bike riders, soigneurs, world class chefs, and wine growers. It’s a week that will change your outlook on life forever, both on and off the bike.”

Colly Murray, Wine Importer & inGamba Guest


Ever wondered what your perfect day on the bike would look like? We did too. InGamba was born from a desire to combine the world's best cycling with the most delicious local food and wine. We've made that dream a reality – and now we want to share it with you.