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Back in Racing Form After Dropping the Fork

Joao Correia joined a professional cycling team after years away from the sport, when he ballooned to 205 pounds. This is a short story about his comeback.

Ciao e benvenuti a Joao’s Fat Man Tours! By Ted King

Joao is a friend and former teammate of mine on Bissell, then two years later alongside me at the Cervelo Test Team. I’ve been practicing my trans-Atlantic jet setting, so in the midst of changing apartments in Italy this past week I had the chance to make my way down to Siena and partake in a few days of the eponymous Fat Man Tours. As a very good friend of Joao’s, I actually knew very little of what exactly lay in store for my time with FMT, but I knew vehemently that whatever adventures I would stumble upon would inevitably tip the enjoyment scale towards the positive. So with only the mildest bit of apprehension I gassed up the jet and headed to Siena!

CBS Radio New York Interview With Joao