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Womens Trip Giveaway

Back in January, City Cycles sent you an email to tell you about the women’s cycling trip we’re hosting in Chianti this spring. As of today, we’ve only got four spots left, but the big news is … someone is going to join the trip for free.

It could be you.

Our partners at Giro are covering costs for one lucky winner in addition to throwing in a load of awesome gear. Entering the contest only takes a few minutes—check out the details here.

About The Trip


We’ve been doing luxury cycling trips in Chianti for years, but this one is something special—a collaboration between inGamba founder João Correia and cycling writer Heidi Swift. The two met in 2012 when Swift was training to ride the entire Tour de France route with a group of 6 women. She spent a month in Chianti logging hard miles, enjoying the benefits of daily massage and eating well (one might argue a little too well, but that’s another story). The preparation was critical to the eventual success of her Tour de France ride and to this day she still credits inGamba Tours for getting her ready to ride 3,475 kilometers and 25 mountain passes in 21 days.

We wanted to create an opportunity for women to ride together in one of the most beautiful places on earth and enjoy all of the extra care and comfort that put the possibility of the Tour de France into Swift’s legs. She’ll be your host for the week, riding, eating and drinking alongside you. And—don’t worry too much about fitness—if you ride bikes on a fairly regular basis, you’re ready for the challenge. Swift has long since stopped training 20 hours a week (in fact, you’re probably going to need to take it easy on her).

What Our Guests Are Saying

I think what really made it a trip of a lifetime were the people… I’ve never been welcomed so openly, lovingly and genuinely by strangers before. As soon as we were off the plane, it was as if we had been immediately adopted by the most caring small town family I’ve ever met…

-Megan Bouchard

I am amazed how this country can continue to best itself with vistas more and more poetic. The rides are glorious. For this, I have learned to love to climb. For these descents, I sacrifice sight seeing for the pure joy of floating, flying, drifting, accelerating, pushing myself downhill on a steed that delivers elegance and grace and smoothness previously unknown… If this seems a ridiculous outpouring of positivity, that’s because this tour sets the standard. The people are beyond compare. The food… I can’t even begin. Knowing you get to ride it off, and then expert hands will put your muscles back together? Bliss.

-Traci D’Elia

Chianti, home of good food, wine and strade bianche




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