“Crostini from paolo cioni’s bar, wine, and food shop, which is so inside-italy it doesn’t technically have a name”
-Bicycling Magazine



Every inGamba trip is a feast for your senses as well as your legs. We dine at authentic, local establishments tourists could never find or have never heard of, indulging in and lingering over meals prepared by chefs who consider us family. Like sitting at a warm table at a good friend’s house, conversation and wine flow through plate after plate of genuine regional cuisine, and it’s not unusual for us to wind down a night with the lights low, the doors locked to outsiders, and the owners treating us to a bottle or three from their private collection.

Sitting beside you, or across a vast old wooden peasant’s table worn smooth from hosting a century of similar banquets, will be riders who share your sensibilities and your love of the rich life on the bike and off, or a pro racer who’s dropped in to join us for a few days, or perhaps the local artisan or shoemaker whose shop we visited that afternoon. It is this appetite for the full life that distinguishes the inGamba trip — and the inGamba guest.

“The true mystique of Joao, however, is that he doesn’t introduce you to a corner restaurant – rather he first introduces you to la Nona, the grandmother, who warmly welcomes you to her multigenerational osteria, before ducking behind the kitchen doors to prepare the simple yet exquisite masterpiece that take your breath away.” -Ted King