The InGamba Kit


Christmas is approaching rather rapidly, so why not get those presents organised in good time? We have some great ideas for you…

Giordana’s Scatto bib shorts are made with a combination of textured, anti-abrasion Zaffiro™ fabric and a smooth, lightweight shield Endurance™ fabric for the perfect balance of durability, comfort and compression.

We’ve selected Giordana’s Vero jersey which is cut slimmer in the chest and sleeves; this more aggressive cut is worn by the majority of professional riders.

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João tested 37 T-shirts in three months before settling on this one. We think it’s a little obsessive, but coming from a guy who used to work at Esquire magazine, it’s not surprising. This super-soft shirt has a brushed feel and vintage coziness that will quickly make it your favorite. Buy Now!


The SciCon saddlebag used by inGamba staff and guests. The tool-free attachment is fast and simple, and allows you to remove the bag so you can wash your bike after every ride. The bag comes with two tire levers integrated into the attachment; one on the inside of the bag, and one on the outside. Leave your old tire levers at home. Buy Now!