Out Of Shape And Overweight



Comeback time


The story has been recited enough that it is now well known to many. Before making my comeback to professional cycling, I was out of shape and overweight. One day at a Granfondo in Italy, legendary framebuilder Fausto Pinarello noticed my pedaling technique and asked if I’d ever raced. I said yes and Fausto replied, simply, that I should start riding seriously again.


And that is where the unlikely transformation from office worker to Pro Tour racer began. (See The New York Times article here).




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Many aspects of the inGamba story are anchored in that pivotal moment. It’s one of the main reasons we use Pinarello bikes at inGamba and yet another way that a personal relationship enhances the experiences of our guests.


The fact that Fausto builds what are considered by many the best bikes in the world makes us feel proud and lucky to be embraced by the Pinarello family as one of their own.


Above is a great video featuring Pinarello and Fausto that recently aired on CNN. Not only does Fausto make some amazing bikes, but in true Italian style, he also manages to make riding a Segway cool.


In 2014 all inGamba guests are guaranteed a Pinarello Dogma on their trip. If you opt to make the pilgrimage to Treviso with us in July for the Granfondo, you’ll also meet this amazing family, tour the factory and get a sneak peek of the 2015 line firsthand.