Nate Ripperton
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Nate’s our lead guide, our handyman, our juggler. He’s the guy that keeps things moving at inGamba. He also has an uncanny ability to know what our guests want and need before they know it themselves.

His passion in bicycle riding lies not in being the first to the finish line (although he’s been known to “drop the hammer” on occasion), or even enjoying the ride for the ride’s sake, but rather in helping you to enjoy the ride for the ride’s sake. One of Nate’s greatest pleasures is seeing a big grin on a rider’s face and reading their anticipation as they wonder what’s beyond next banked curve or what’s just over the horizon. He rides just for the joy of feeling the wind in his face, his heart pounding in his chest, and the not-quite silent sound of tires on the smooth Chianti roads. Nate is small of stature, yet big of heart—and it is here that he finds inner peace. If you find yourself consumed by the simple euphoria of pedaling a bicycle and need to have a heart-to-heart, Nate’s your man.