Luis Gomes
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Luis is one of the best mechanics you’ll ever meet. He came to inGamba this year to take the place of Jorge who went on to wrench for Team Garmin on the Pro Tour circuit. Luis is a stickler for perfection and is unflinchingly precise about his work. We think that’s a pretty good trait to have in a mechanic. When he’s not fixing bikes, laughing or playing tricks on Raul, Luis is raising canaries. And because Luis doesn’t settle for second-best in anything, he’s even raised a few World Champion canaries. (Yes, there is indeed a World Championships for canaries. Go figure.)

There’s a race photo of Luis attacking the peloton in 1993 and João going after him. We’re not disclosing how that scenario ended up, but 20 years later, Luis is a big part of the inGamba family. Just as it is with Raul, João and Luis go back a long way. The bonds formed, confidences built and kinship shared from a relationship that spans 20 years is important