Mangia. Beve. Bici. Chianti [Womens Trip]

Sunday May 11th – Sunday May 18th

A note from host Heidi Swift:

Last year we hosted our first official women’s week and we could never have predicted how much mischief would ensue. It just goes to show that when you get a small group of like-minded women together, good things are bound to happen. In this case, lots of pedaling, climbing, swearing, laughing, napping, eating, drinking and… gently harassing the staff. Let’s just say the inGamba boys crewing the ship didn’t exactly know what to do with us.

I pride myself on delivering maximum awesome at all times and João frequently makes fun of me for saying, “Best day ever!” too often. During this week of eating, drinking and eating—I mean riding—I guarantee that you will find yourself saying it too. And you will mean it every time.

Lecchi is my home away from home and over the course of 7 days it will become yours. The concept of inGamba Tours is simple: combine the best riding with the best of everything else. What life would we live if we could live perfectly every day?

If you love amazing food, free-flowing wine, pedaling through breathtaking landscapes and meeting female cyclists who are as enthusiastic as you are, then we have a love connection. Did I mention you’ll also get a daily massage from a Pro Tour soigneur? Shoot us an email for more information, including a complete itinerary and be sure to check out Our Mission page for an overview of just how we make every day the Best Day Ever.

See you there?


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What Our Guests are Saying

I think what really made it a trip of a lifetime were the people… I’ve never been welcomed so openly, lovingly and genuinely by strangers before.  As soon as we were off the plane, it was as if we had been immediately adopted by the most caring small town family I’ve ever met and they wanted to show us the best of everything. I couldn’t help but relax and enjoy.  It was a chance to feel really cared for with amazing food, the best rides, much needed massages and fresh laundry! These are people who will stay in my heart always and we only spent one week together!
-Megan Bouchard

I am amazed how this country can continue to best itself with vistas more and more poetic. The rides are glorious. For this, I have learned to love to climb. For these descents, I sacrifice sight seeing for the pure joy of floating, flying, drifting, accelerating, pushing myself downhill on a steed that delivers elegance and grace and smoothness previously unknown. Is it fair to weep for a vista unseen, due to the ultimate thrill of picking your line and hugging every turn? How regret and joy entwine, and fuel the conversation as we take a moment to stop, sip espresso, and wonder if we even know how lucky we are.

If this seems a ridiculous outpouring of positivity, that’s because this tour sets the standard. The people are beyond compare. The food… I can’t even begin. Knowing you get to ride it off, and then expert hands will put your muscles back together? Bliss.
-Traci D’Elia


The Riding

We’ll ride 50-100 kilometers a day, with as many coffee shop or gelato stops as necessary to keep us happy. The riding is challenging with plenty of 3-8k climbs thrown into the mix (in Tuscany you’re always either going up or down), but there’s nothing overtly demoralizing the way a 10% Swiss grade can be. We ride hard, but the main focus is on enjoying the day, the air, the vineyards, the sun, the conversation, the ride snacks, the coffee and, occasionally, the white gravel roads. This is a vacation, not a training camp. That said, I guarantee you’re going to leave with some killer fitness.

Check out a few of my Strava files for an idea of what the riding will be like:

Dudda Loop, 75k with 2000m elevation
Castelnuovo Berardenga, 82k with 1168m elevation


Am I fast enough?

Almost assuredly. I promise you. We’ve got at least two guides on the road at all times, plus a follow van. We’re set up to accommodate riders of varying levels and we want you to enjoy your vacation. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable, happy and well looked after at all times, especially during the rides. Now, if you think you’re going to be able to slack off around the dinner table, that’s another story…

Still have a question about fitness and ride difficulty (or anything else for that matter)? Email Heidi directly.


More Info

Please email us to book or to receive a more detailed itinerary. As with all inGamba trips, you can expect to be cared for with the same personal attention reserved for world-class professional cyclists. For details about our bikes, complimentary kits and rain bag, soigneurs, daily massages, mechanics and overall approach to creating the most carefully curated cycling experience available, please read about Our Mission.