Mangia. Beve. Bici. Chianti [Couples Trip] SOLD OUT

Sunday April 27th – Sunday May 4th

Having trouble figuring out just how to ask your significant other for hall pass to flit off to Tuscany for a week of wine, food and cycling? Yeah, we’ve run into that problem a few times as well. Luckily, there’s a really easy answer: bring them with you.

This version of our classic Chianti trip is set up specifically for doubles. We’re staffed up to accommodate a range of fitness levels and stocked up with enough Chianti Classico to ensure everyone at the dinner table will be impressed with your glory stories from the day’s ride—even if it involves getting dropped by your wife on the climb to Montoluco.


The Eating

It is often said that it’s hard to find a bad meal in Tuscany. That’s true enough, but also doesn’t go far enough for inGamba. We want only the sublime meals — the best of the best, and, what’s more, the ones still hidden from guidebooks. We dine in the region’s top-secret restaurants, and at friends’ homes for a taste of incredible local cuisine.

And this is Chianti, after all: We’re just a few pedal strokes away from where the famous wine was first produced by Barone Ricasoli in the late 19th Century. On a recent trip, we went through 23 different types of wines. No, that’s not bottle numbers.

When off the bike and away from the table, we’ll be taking insider tours of Siena — a few local wineries as well as some surprises, like a private sampling at renowned Sienese baker Il Magnifico.


The Riding

We’ll ride 50-100 kilometers a day, with as many coffee shop or gelato stops as necessary to keep us happy. The riding is challenging with plenty of 3-8k climbs thrown into the mix (in Tuscany you’re always either going up or down), but there’s nothing overtly demoralizing the way a 10% Swiss grade can be. We ride hard, but the main focus is on enjoying the day, the air, the vineyards, the sun, the conversation, the ride snacks, the coffee and, occasionally, the white gravel roads. This is a vacation, not a training camp. That said, we guarantee you’re going to leave with some killer fitness.

How fast do I need to be for this thing?
You’re perfect just the way you are. (Hey, everyone needs a little validation sometimes.) We’ve got at least two guides on the road at all times, plus a follow van. We’re set up to accommodate riders of varying levels and we want you to enjoy your vacation. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable, happy and well looked after at all times, especially during the rides. Want to take a day off the bike? No problem. But if you think you’re going to be able to slack off around the dinner table, that’s another story…

Still have a question about fitness and ride difficulty (or anything else for that matter)?

Please don’t hesitate to email us.


The Backstory

If they’re doing it right, pro cyclists lead regimented lives that make monks look like college kids on spring break. During his time as a pro for the Cervélo TestTeam, João embodied the spartan lifestyle. He lived and trained just outside of Siena in the Chianti region of Tuscany, an area known as one of the best places anywhere to ride a bike.

Chianti also happens to be the epicenter of the food and wine world. João being João, with his heart and mind never far from the table, he whiled away all those long training hours on the bike dreaming of the ultimate bike trip — one that would cover the roads he was on but not keep him from the epicurean bounty surrounding him. Finally, at the end of a late-season training ride, he sent out a tweet: “Thinking of doing a ride, eat, drink EOY bash here in Chianti October 12-18th. Share my favorite things about this place. Who’s interested?”

There were no security deposits, no liability waivers, and, as one guest put it, “a huge amount of trust.” Bicycling Magazine would end up calling Joao’s trip, “the best ride on earth.”

We’re still committed to the spirit and sense of enjoyment that embodied that original adventure. We’ll stay in Lecchi, roll through picturesque Tuscan villages, descend through vineyards and olive groves, linger over coffee stops, ride the famous white roads, and climb our way to a hearty appetite.


More Info

Please email us to book or to receive a more detailed itinerary. As with all inGamba trips, you can expect to be cared for with the same personal attention reserved for world-class professional cyclists. For details about our bikes, soigneurs, mechanics and overall approach to creating the most carefully curated cycling experience available, please read about Our Mission.