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December Jersey Giveaway

November 29th, 2018 - Staff Writer


With the days growing shorter and the weather turning foul, the winter blues are bound to follow. It doesn’t have to be that way though, because we know of a cure.

Goals are important when you’re training, but they’re also important when you’re having fun. So while it might be wet and wild outside now, it’s important to see beyond that to the spring and the summer, when the sun will be high and the tan lines sharp.

If you’re planning to travel with us in 2019, there’s no better time to organize it than right now, because it won’t be long until our most popular trips start selling out. Need more motivation? Well, we have a little sweetener for you.

Book a trip with us in December, and we’ll include our new limited-edition #getblue inGamba jersey from our friends at Giordana. And because it’s from their top-of-the-line FRC range, you know it will perform as good as it looks.

So push those depressing, long winter days out of your mind, get online, book a trip and start dreaming about the “greatest ride on earth.”

Suggested trips:


Have you considered spending some time in Tuscany at our beloved Bed and Breakfast, Borgolecchi, where Inga will prepare your eggs and coffee just the way you like it and Rosanna can be found in the kitchen hand-making you some pasta for dinner? Or you could opt for a trip to France, where we will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Eros Poli’s victory atop the monster known as Mont Ventoux.


We’re also going back to Portugal: Undiscovered Paradise, a trip designed by our very own guide extraordinaire Manuel Cardoso. This trip start in Porto and travels many of the amazing roads Cardoso used as his motivation and training ground as a young professional cyclist. The routes are amazing, the hotels delightful and the food superb.


There are so many great trips on our 2019 calendar that we’d be hard pressed to recommend one of over the other, but we do want to point out we will also be going to Sardinia and if you love the idea of combining some terrific Mangia, Beve and Bici with a little beach time, this might be the perfect trip for you.


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