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Back in Racing Form After Dropping the Fork

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The Ultimate Group Ride – Velo News Magazine

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Cycle Portugals Wine Country – Men’s Journal

Read Men’s Journal piece on the amazing experience that is riding through Portugal’s Wine Country.

Bicycling Magazine – The Best Ride On Earth

If you think that a week of riding in Chianti with an ex-pro racer would whip you into tip top shape, then you don’t know João Correia very well.

Read Bill Gifford’s account of The Best Ride on Earth: Touring Chianti in High Style.

Peloton Magazine | inGamba Memories: Part One

Early this spring I spent several weeks with InGamba Tours in the Chianti region of Tuscany and their hospitality and support was a key factor in my Tour de France training and subsequent success. The InGamba experience is magical on many levels – surrounded by crazy characters, stupid-beautiful roads and basically the best food on the planet, it’s hard not to be enchanted. Continue…

Peloton Magazine | inGamba memories: Part Two

When the Irishman holds the door open for me, gesturing for me to enter ahead of him, I can’t help but like him.

Then he says, “Shit before the shovel, my dear.” And I can’t help but like him even more. Continue…

The Fools at inGamba


“He was a clown loose in a church, a harebrained guru with a silly and senseless sense of play set on reminding us that a stupid guffaw can be sharper than euphoria, and no less valuable even when the joke is cheap.” – Bill Strickland

Bill Strickland, writing for his ‘The Selection’ column on Bicycling, shares tales of the clowning around during the inGamba rides.

A week of riding around Portugal


There’s much to love about cycling in Portugal.

Read Cycling Tips’ article about the Portugal Randonnée.

Velonews | inGamba Tours Living Large in Chianti


Once the ride is over, the real adventure begins. A stay with inGamba means world-class riding, and world-class dining.

Read Velonews’ article about inGamba Living Large in Chianti.

Quintessential Chianti

A few miles east of the medieval hill town of Siena lies a cyclist’s Tuscan dream, quintessential Chianti riding.

Jered Gruber, writing for Bicycling, captures Chianti riding in words and images.