“…you will have truly experienced life on your bike (that) few (will) ever know.”
-Bruce Hotaling



 For us, it all starts with the bike, from the people we meet who become like family, the roads we explore, the meals we relish, the wines we discover, the stories and memories we take home. At inGamba, the bicycles we ride to bring all these adventures and experiences together must be objects of beauty and an expression of who we are. We put you on only the finest machines, those found worthy by Grand Tour and one-day Classic winners as well as by museums of modern art. The roads we’ll be on are our favorites culled from years and years of training rides and races, some of the most beautiful stretches of pavement in the world, rich with culture and lore at each bend.

The riding is spirited and challenging without ever degrading into a death march or a boring day spent logging miles amid traffic just to reach the next destination. You’ll thrill to the rush of following a well-known pro through a series of downhill switchbacks, or glory in the delicious agony of hanging onto the rear wheel of a world-class ascender on a notorious climb—then in the next moment sit up and noodle along as you drink in scenery that will stick in your mind forever and we regroup to swap our tales about that last stretch of road.

We always have full support on course, and our bicycles are prepped and tuned every day by mechanics every bit as pro as the racers with us. (Our friends have been known to film Jorge and our other mechanics as they perform a thing of beauty: their five-minute bike wash.) And because amazing riding is nothing without amazing recovery, every inGamba trip is staffed with a pro masseuse whose hands calm your raging sore legs and soothe aching backs, and, when not treating us, prepares our ride snacks, fills our bottles, even carries our luggage.

“Raul gave a wicked massage, the equivalent of an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo on your legs” –Bicycling Magazine